Indie Author Spotlight – Tanya Jones

This Spotlight is dear to my heart. This author wrote the first book I reviewed  on this blog. I found her to be a very kind and imaginative woman. I enjoyed reading her book and am really looking forward to reading more in the future. Her book is great for teenagers or anyone who enjoys the world of Elves. You can check out the review HERE.


Author Bio:

Tanya Jones (Thibodeau) is the Publisher of the Gateway Gazette digital media, winner of the Royal Canadian Legion Media Award. She is also a freelance writer, YA Fantasy author and has been a fan of elven origins and supernatural powers for decades. She excels at problem solving with a 360-degree view of the existence of multiple perceptions. Her debut novel, Dreams of Beautiful Whisper is Book 1 in The Elves of Eytherfel series and is published by Morgan Books & ePublishing. She is currently working on Book 2 in The Elves of Eytherfel series that is expected to release in early 2016.


Q: In your book, the descriptions of the forest and the lake are very awe inspiring. They seemed to be written with love and admiration. Do you find inspiration for your writing in these types of places?

Yes and no. While I have been to some beautiful places, most of my descriptions come from a combination of photos that I’ve seen and my imagination. They definitely do help with my inspiration for writing but not as physical places that I’ve necessarily been to.

Q: “Dreams of Beautiful Whisper” is the first book in the series. Do you have in mind how many books you plan the series to have? 

I set out with the goal of three books in the series. However, anything can happen. The further into the series I get the more ideas and possibilities come to the surface for either extending it or creating a spin-off series.

Q: Amanae’s parents play such supportive and loving roles in her life. Did you base them on your own experiences with your parents? 

Yes, I can say that I was very fortunate to have a very loving and supportive family from all angles, which definitely influenced the dynamics in my book. No family is without their challenges and disagreements, but it really comes down to how we handle situations that determines the kind of impact and influence it has on our lives.

Q: The name “Eytherfel”, as well as the character names are very unique. Was there a particular place you found inspiration for these names?


There are actual elven languages that have been developed and as such there are name generators and formulas available for creating names. I have always been big on the meanings behind names, even when choosing names for my own children. I put the same amount of care, craft and thought into the names of my characters and places for my series while trying to tie-in on some level with existing elven realms.

Q: Why elves? What draws you to them?

I think I can safely blame that on Tolkien. I absolutely loved the Tolkien books and I was always drawn to the beauty and mystique of his elves, yet for me they played too small of a role. Because of that I wanted to build a world that emphasized them.

Q: What was the most challenging thing about writing this book?

For the actual writing, I’d have to say keeping up with my characters. Once I started writing, the story would form itself in my head faster than I could get it typed up (and I type at about 75wpm). For the storyline, it was finding enough points of conflict. I’ve never had a great deal of conflict in my life, mainly because of my approach to handling it. So it was a bit difficult for me to bring out any negative components. That’s an area I feel my writing is growing in as I progress. Once the story was written, editing proved to be far more difficult than I had expected, both with doing my own edits and working with editors and their suggestions. However, the biggest challenge overall has by far been in the area of finding and growing an audience.

Q: What is the best advice you could give to new writers?

The common advice is to “keep writing”. Almost like a “build it and they will come” attitude. While constantly writing is absolutely important, I think I’d have to say: start building your audience early. How to do that will be different for everyone based on their personality and interests. But it will end up being the most critical component of any writer who publishes a book, regardless of whether they publish traditionally or self-publish. The bigger you can build an audience before you publish a book, the better chance you will have at reaching your goals.

Book Information

dreams of beautiful whisper book cover


When Amanda learns that the gorgeous beauty-boy of her disturbingly life-like dreams is in fact an elven warrior from her past, things get complicated. But shortly after being urgently moved back to the village where she was born, well things just got weird.


As the haze of her blocked past lifts, the truth of who she is, what she must endure and how it will change her peaceful human life forever, threaten to be more than she can handle. Even with her practical approach to challenges, the reassurance of her boyfriend Jordan and the encouraging support of an entire elven kingdom, will Amanda have the strength and skill to fulfill her destiny?

This book is available for purchase at AMAZON. ( <— click the link and buy it! You know you want to.)

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