Reflections After Reading “The Rose”

This is the first non-fiction book that I have reviewed on this blog. When I received the review request and read the description, I realized that in many ways this would be a very challenging book for me to read and review. Not because of it’s genre, but because of its contents. A few short years ago I lost my mother in law to cancer. She didn’t have breast cancer, but cancer in all its forms is a terrible disease. I was one of those lucky people who landed the best mother in law ever. She was a true friend to me and in many ways filled that gap in my life of the mother I never had. Her loss, like the loss of so many mother’s, will be felt forever. Not a single day goes by that I don’t want to call her or see her face. Not a single event passes by that I don’t hurt inside and think of all she has missed. Her son, my husband, will feel her loss forever. 

The horrible part is that it could have been avoided. If the many doctors that she went to see over the years had been more vigilant, she would have been diagnosed early. She wouldn’t have been stage four when they finally found it. She need not have died. That is why early screenings are so damn important.

In terms of money, I would think the early screenings are worth their weight in gold. Catching and treating cancer closer to the onset of the disease has to be cheaper than treating it much later in the game. Also, the earlier the cancer is detected, the higher the survival rate for the person who is being treated. Surviving person means person who keeps paying that insurance payment.

SO what’s the excuse here people? Why is this even a problem?

Clearly, it’s not immoral. In my mind, it’s financially sound. So, what’s the real reason?

I am glad that there are organizations like The Rose that fight for women every day. The trials they plow through are amazing. The sheer determination it must take to fight for this cause is unbelievable. We should all be so inspiring.

I urge you to donate even a dollar to this amazing organization. Their very existence is dependent on people like you and I who care and spread their message.

To donate click the link “The Rose”.


Book Review “A Bridge Apart” Joey Jones

A Bridge Apart is a remarkable love story that tests the limits of trust and forgiveness… In the quaint river town of New Bern, North Carolina, at 28 years of age the pieces of Andrew Callaway’s life are all falling into place. His real estate firm is flourishing and he’s engaged to be married in less than two weeks to a beautiful banker named Meredith Hastings. But when Meredith heads to Tampa, Florida – the wedding location – with her mother, fate, or maybe some human intervention, has it that Andrew happens upon Cooper McKay, the only other woman he’s ever loved. A string of shocking emails lead Andrew to question whether he can trust his fiance, and in the midst of trying to unravel the mystery he finds himself spending time with Cooper. When Meredith catches wind of what’s going on back at home, she’s forced to consider calling off the wedding, which ultimately draws Andrew closer to Cooper. Andrew soon discovers he’s making choices he might not be able, or even want, to untangle. As the story unfolds, the decisions that are made will drastically change the lives of everyone involved, and bind them closer together than they could have ever imagined.”

a bridge apart cover

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A Bridge Apart was a sweet romance with its fair share of emotional ups and downs.  Andrew Callaway is a man’s man from the south for sure. The southern way of life is weaved into this story from beginning to end. 

It is very obvious from the beginning that Andrew and Meredith are blissfully in love. Since they haven’t lived together, the shiny is still firmly intact in their relationship.  This book does have religious overtones. It’s not what the story is fundamentally about, but it does come out here and there. I took it as a character reference point and it didn’t come across as preachy, so that was good. Religion, especially the Christian religion is the dominant religion in the south and the beliefs of the characters reflect this sentiment.

The gender roles and expectation’s are a bit antiquated, but having spent a few years living in the deep south myself, I can confidently say they are accurately represented. 

The pacing is a bit slow in the beginning but once Cooper shows up things start falling into place quickly. It’s worth a bit of patience to get to the good stuff. 

Cooper and Andrew have an interesting relationship. As I was reading, I kept trying to decide if he was going to bail on Meredith and marry Cooper.  I wasn’t at all confident I could predict what would later happen in the story. It’s a definite shock. I guess moments of life and death can make decisions in life crystal clear where they were once very foggy.

The ending completely blew me away. I was not at all expecting it even though it is a bit foreshadowed in the beginning of the novel. I didn’t realize that until the end though.

I can’t imagine how Andrew must have felt when fate dropped that bomb on him. The author does a great job of explaining the grief process Andrew goes through. As a parent though, I just cannot fathom balancing the grief and joy intermixing at such an important moment in life. 

In conclusion,

The novel is well written and enjoyable. It has a good balance of ups and downs. The character development is on point and relatable. The love story is unique. The settings are explained well and easily imaginable. The plot is clever and catchy. I definitely got emotionally involved in this book. Solid book.

The only thing I didn’t like was the brand dropping. To be specific, clothing and car brands. I felt that it gave the reader a prejudice and stereotype to Andrew that I didn’t want or need.  I like to make my own opinions of the characters and I felt this put a stick in the mud for me on that point.

All in all though, solid 5 star novel.

5 stars


This book has the AlliesOpinions official stamp of approval! 

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The Technical Data:

Title: A Bridge Apart | Author(s): Joey Jones |

Publisher: Joey Jones / Publication Date: 9-1-2015 | Pages: 222 (Paperback) |ISBN: 978-0692513088 | Genre(s): Romance | Language: English |Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Date Read: 11-30-2015 | Source: Copy From Author

5 Star Travel Romance “Juliet’s Journey” by Kathy Gates

Summary from Goodreads:


Juliet Carlsen is grieving the loss of her mother. Six weeks after the funeral she is about to arrive in a tiny village in northern Italy. The village, Baiardo, is home to an art school where she is to spend a month as a volunteer. Her best friend had convinced her that a change of scene would do her good but, as she nears her destination, she is not so sure: was it really necessary to travel so far out of her comfort zone?

Baiardo turns out to be her haven. The warm welcome and serene beauty work their healing magic. The attentions of a handsome local named Luca don’t hurt either. Then someone from Juliet’s past shows up and turns everything on its head.



This Novella has been personally read and reviewed by AlliesOpinions. I loved the sweet story and the amazing setting! To see my 5 Star review of the book click the title “Juliet’s Journey 5 Star Review”

Review Stats

31 reviews on Amazon with a 4.3 average!

24 reviews on Goodreads with a 4.3 average!

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 Indie Author Spotlight

AlliesOpinions was delighted to host Kathy Gates for an interview on the Indie Author Spotlight! To see the exclusive interview click the link “Kathy Gates Interview”

About The Author

Kathy Gates

Australian author Kathy Gates loves three things: walking, travel and writing. Her novels and shorts stories aim to combine all three. Born and raised in Sydney, Kathy now lives in Hobart – it’s like Sydney but smaller and the food and wine is better.
Kathy has a background in marketing where she enjoyed making up stories; writing novels seemed an obvious career move. To learn more about Kathy go to her website. Click the link Kathy Gates!

Sneak Peeks!
Kathy is working on a series of two,  or maybe three novellas,  which will come under the title: Roman Secrets. Funny how you can go halfway around the world and yet fall for someone from your own neck of the woods. Love wasn’t on Keira’s mind the first time she clapped eyes on Leo; her journalist’s instinct told her he wasn’t quite what he seemed.
Looks like another adventure is on the way!

I personally recommend this book! It has the AlliesOpinions official stamp of approval!

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Book Review “The Women of The Rose” Dorothy Gibbons


For anyone who has ever thought about creating a nonprofit or wanted to make the world a little better place, The Women of The Rose, is the place to start. Written from an insider’s point of view, the story of this Texas nonprofit serving uninsured women fighting breast during a time when most nonprofits were failing is filled with real life situations sure to make you laugh and cry. Fair warning, the road for nonprofits is paved with danger, unexpected detours and unimaginable rewards, yet it is a journey few take on willingly. Within the history are the stories of women fighting breast cancer, the healthcare system and poverty. By the mid 1980’s the oil bust had paralyzed Texas. Folks were out of work, most had lost their health insurance and many were losing their homes. In the midst of all the chaos and uncertainty, the incidence of breast cancer began its deadly climb. Poor and uninsured women were hit the hardest and many died because they couldn’t get help in time. At a chance meeting in 1984, hospital public relations director Dorothy Gibbons and general surgeon Dr. Dixie Melillo were challenged by the famed journalist Rose Kushner to do something about it. So they decided to start their own non-profit, a diagnostic clinic that would care for the thousands of Texas women who had nowhere else to turn and who would die without help. At a time when succeeding as a non-profit was against all the odds, The Rose was born.
From its humble beginnings in a tiny office in a strip mall, The Rose now serves 40,000 people a year, women from all walks of life, from huge cities or small rural communities who face falling through the cracks of the healthcare system. This is the story of how The Rose was born and how it survived, a story of strong, determined women who did whatever it took to care for one other. It is the story of shrimp boils and skydiving, of pink goats and the pain of watching so many die. It is the story of unfathomable generosity, unexpected corruption, and the hard truth about who can afford healthcare and who can’t. It is a story about the power of believing and a salute to the courage and tenacity of women.

The Rose Cover

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This is the first non-fiction book that I’ve reviewed on this blog. I’ll go ahead and tell you now that the author Dorothy Gibbons who is the CEO and co-founder of The Rose, writes with a passion that will tear at your heart. She is a champion for those in need. She is a guiding light for those who have none. Without her, countless lives would have been lost. Without her struggles, her triumphs and her tenacity, hundreds of thousands of women would undoubtedly be dead. Hundreds of thousands of families would be grieving the loss of their sister, their mother, or their wife. 

Dorothy’s story is hauntingly personal. She minces no words and pulls no punches. She leads the reader through every struggle with such description you feel as if you are her and the weight her shoulders felt and feel every day is laying on your own. She is an incredible woman.

On top of being incredibly informative about The Rose organization, Dorothy brings to light the glaring inaccessibility of health care to the uninsured. She effortless leads the reader through the vast complexities of a system that shuns and dehumanizes the most vulnerable of this countries citizens; the poor. Her organization gives dignity as well as health care to those who rarely receive either.  

A quote from this book that will resonate with me forever is “We must remember who we are”. She is absolutely right. Never before have women had the education and the power to change the world we live in like we do today. We must unleash this power. We must remember the hardships that have plagued women for all of recorded history. We must take those lessons and shape the present and future into a better world. A world where women’s health is given the best possible care. A world where healthcare is a right, not a privilege. We must remember where we came from. Most of all though, we must remember who we are.

The quality of writing and the message this book gives is worth way more than the 5 stars I am awarding it. I hope beyond hope that others will read this book and be moved to make a change. I hope you, like I have, will be moved to raise your voice against injustice.

5 stars


If you would like to donate money or learn more about The Rose, please check out their website. Click the link The Rose. They’re a non-profit organization who is dependent upon donations to provide life saving services . Anything you can donate is much appreciated and will be used to literally save a life.


The Technical Data:

Title: The Women of The Rose | Author(s): Dorothy Gibbons |

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services / Publication Date: 10-11-2015 | Pages: 235 (Paperback) |ISBN: B016IQ7GKQ | Genre(s): Non-Fiction | Language: English |Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Date Read: 11-27-2015 | Source: Copy From Author

“He Who Finds Mercy” Series – Clean Fantasy!

Mercy’s Prince summary from Goodreads:

As second son of the King of Levathia, seventeen-year-old Valerian desires the quiet life of a scholarly monk. But when he fails to save his older brother in battle, Valerian must instead become crown prince. While a traitorous knight schemes against him, Valerian meets Mercy, a pacifist Healer with whom he can speak mind-to-mind like the great dragons. Their bond emboldens Valerian to seek out the legendary dragons and ask for their help against the monsters who killed his brother. Can Valerian survive the traitor’s assassins long enough to find the dragons? And if he does, can he convince them to lay aside their hatred of humans and help him save the land from destruction?

This book has been personally read and reviewed by AlliesOpinions. I loved it and I know you will too!

To see my review, click the title “Mercy’s Prince”

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Summary from Goodreads:

While Prince Valerian adjusts to marriage as well as his new title, conspiracy brews in the south among disgruntled lords who wish to separate from the north. The situation is made even more volatile by a charismatic rebel leader whose guerilla tactics are swift and brutal.

The clandestine efforts of a witch hired by one of the lords render Valerian’s gift of Sight ineffective, and Merry’s Healing gift is sorely tested.

It has become dangerous for a northerner living in the south, and if the gifted young royals fail to stop the growing rebellion, evil will reign in Levathia.

This book has also been read and reviewed by AlliesOpinions. I loved it as well. This series is on fire! Don’t miss out! To see my review, click the title “Mercy’s Gift”.

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AlliesOpinions was honored to host Katy Huth Jones on the “Indie Author Spotlight”! To see the exclusive interview, click the link

“Katy Huth Jones Spotlight”

About the Author

Katy Huth Jones grew up in a family where creative juices overflowed and made puddles to splash in. She has published seven books with another forthcoming in January 2016, and hundreds of short stories, poems, and articles in magazines and anthologies. When not writing, Katy plays piccolo and flute in a regional symphony. She lives with her husband Keith in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Their two sons, whom she homeschooled, have flown the nest and live creative lives of their own.

I personally recommend this series! It has my official stamp of approval!

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5 Star Novel “After Dad” Ralph Cohen


Summary from Goodreads:

“He was always there for me,” Jenny Kovacek says in the opening of the novel After Dad, and indeed, her father is such a charismatic force in the family that despite his untimely passing, he continues to have a dynamic impact on his survivors. Set mostly in Southern California during the tumultuous 1960s, Ralph Cohen’s debut novel tells the stories of the man’s three children and widow as they cope with their loss. Though missing, the father is never far from their minds, and during critical moments in their lives, he seems to reach out in various ways, from simple memories of touch and voice to artifacts left behind to a sense of his ongoing existence. How each of the family members responds to his lingering presence leads to results that are by turn comic, tragic and transformative. Two of the book’s chapters appeared previously in literary magazines, The Connecticut Review and REAL.

About the Author

Ralph Cohen was born and raised in Southern California and resides there with his wife, the ceramic artist Ruhama Cohen. His background is in journalism and media relations.

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Barnes and Noble

I have personally reviewed this book. I absolutely loved it. To see my 5 star review of the book, click the title “After Dad”.

This book and author have received my official stamp of approval!

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This is a must buy book! 

Book Review for “Irony : The Animal” by Robert Shroud

irony book cover

Summary from Goodreads:

Detective Reginald Thomas Williams was on the fast track to promotional success. Now, subsequent to the shooting, he is a man barely holding on. His wife left him. He’s two steps away from being a full blown alcoholic, and there is a serial killer nicknamed The Animal loose on Bay City’s streets. Can he hold it together long enough to get his man and reclaim his life? Will his wife even want him back? Who is this Animal that has the city’s female population afraid to go out at night? Is The Animal really who everyone thinks he is? Follow the investigation to learn the answers to these questions and more, in Author Robert Shroud’s new book Irony.


This was a fast paced mystery/crime novel. My head was spinning. From the very beginning to the very end you are sucked into the eyes and ears of Reg. His life becomes your life. His woes become your woes. Splendid novel.

The pacing of this book is on point. That’s a make it or break it with this type of novel. It definitely fits in the make it category. 

My heart went out to Reg. Being a detective has to be a hard life. Not only do you witness horrible things but you are expected to be perfect at all times and to never ever mess up. 

Accidents happen though. And Reg does mess up.

His wife leaving him tears him apart. This poor man has the worst run of luck.

The Animal throws you for a loop. Half of you wants to hate him for what he does but the other half sees a very abused person who is suffering from an extreme mental illness. 

The plot line is clever to say the least. I put together who the killer was pretty quick but that was the authors intention. I actually enjoyed knowing who the killer was before the main character. I could enjoy watching him work out the puzzle without being distracted by my own musings. 

The ending will surprise the crap out of you. Not for one minute did that possible outcome even cross my mind. I was totally thrown off guard.

I loved this book and definitely look forward to reading the next.

This book gets the full 5 stars.

5 stars

This book is available for purchase through Amazon. Click the title “Irony: The Animal” It is also available as a free download!!

I personally recommend this book. It has my official stamp of approval.

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The Technical Data:

Title: Irony: The Animal (book 1) | Author(s): Robert Shroud |

Publisher: Robert Shroud / Publication Date: 1-12-2014 | Pages: 120 (Kindle) |ISBN: B00H9FTJC4 | Genre(s): Crime / Mystery | Language: English |Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Date Read: 11-23-2015 | Source: Copy From Author


Book Review – “Aerisia: Gateway To The Underworld” by Sarah Ashwood

This is the second book in “The Sunset Lands Beyond” trilogy. The first book “Aerisia – Land Beyond the Sunset” was reviewed by me on November 10th. To see the 5 star review, click the title.



Discovering she is another world’s prophesied heroine was not something Hannah Winters could have ever predicted. However, having accepted the mantle of Aerisia’s Artan, Hannah must now move beyond the pain of the past and conquer her magic in order to save this land. Will the pitfalls awaiting her—suspicion, rumors, lies, betrayal, murder, warfare—halt her quest? Who is Hannah’s ally, and who only appears to be? Will shocking revelations about her heritage push her away or convince her that she’s walking the right path? With the Dark Powers growing bolder every day, Hannah’s pursuit of answers leads her to the Underworld, a place where even immortals dare not tread, on a journey from which she may not return.

gateway to the underworld cover

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This book was just as awesome as the first. I really enjoyed exploring the changing relationship between Ilgard and Hannah. He is a pillar of strength in her time of need.

I am fond of the way their relationship is playing out. Considering all of the trials and obstacles they have weathered, I would say the bond they are building is very realistic.

I also enjoyed how there is more explanation of the prophecies in this book. They are timed really well and add weight and merit to each new event that occurs. 

The world building continues to impress me. I really enjoyed how much more of Aerisia is brought to light. This is an intricate world and the author does a great job of introducing pieces of it in ways that aren’t overwhelming to the reader. 

I abhorred the aversion the Aerisian people showed the Simanthe. I was very happy to see that resolved. 

Don’t even get me started on the ending. You will be sitting on the edge of your seat!

This trilogy is incredibly well written and continues to capture and hold my attention and imagination. 

This author continues to surprise and delight me with each new book I read. 

I give this book the full five stars.

5 stars


I personally recommend this book. It has my official stamp of approval.

dino stamp of approval




The Technical Data:

Title: Aerisia – Gateway to the Underworld (book 2) | Author(s): Sarah Ashwood |Publisher: Griffineus Publications / Publication Date: 7-29-2014 | Pages: 231 (Kindle) |ISBN: B00M8PLSJM | Genre(s): Fantasy | Language: English |Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Date Read: 11-22-2015 | Source: Copy From Author

Indie Author Spotlight for Nancy Glynn

Nancy Glynn is an amazing author! I have reviewed one of her books on my page. “Black 21” received 5 stars from me. It was a very unique book. I have two more of Mrs Glynn’s books scheduled for review in the next few months. Keep an eye out for reviews!

If you would like to see the review for “Black 21” Click the title.


Nancy Glynn Author Pic

Author Bio:

I’ve been writing forever, it feels.  It’s in my heart, my soul, my blood, and just won’t let go. Won’t. Let. Go. I CAN’T.  I’ve even written and registered a screenplay adaptation of Black 21 in the WGA, a very fun experience!  It’s also a very hard industry to break into and won’t be pursuing it.  As an indie author, I’m learning all there is in the publishing world, and that includes the yuck, but it also includes the wonderful aspects!  I hope you take this ride with me.  Oh, and I’ve also created the paperback edition on CreateSpace along with Kindle.

I’ve read all the great horrors from Stephen King as a teen. Carrie had telekinetic powers like my Daisy, except Carrie’s started with her menstrual period.

We have dreams for a reason, and it’s a crime if we don’t follow them. Always strive to be the best, and your dream will come true!  As long as I have the support of my husband and kids, and I make a new friend (You!), and hopefully a fan of my work, I’m good!

To keep up with Nancy, you can subscribe to her website. Click HERE.


The Interview

Q: Your book “Black 21” is about a satanic cult. How did you go about researching for it?

NG: Google is an author’s best friend. But I also used my imagination quite a lot in this story. I’ve watched so many horror movies that they’ve woven a dark little web in the corners of my mind, ha! The story just called for it to be told in this way, and I went with it. I didn’t set out to make this about an occult story, it just formed that way in my mind. Even as I researched on the Web, some of the things blew my mind away that there really are cults out there that practice such things. I go even deeper in my sequel, Lana’s Calling, and grabbed more from the Internet than what I could ever make up. It’s pretty frightening.

Me– The NSA probably eat popcorn as they watch your internet browsing. Ha Ha

Q: In your book, promiscuous behavior is punished severely by Jack who puts a high value on virginity. Do you think that the importance of being a virgin is related to religious dogma?


Well, I honestly never looked at it like that before, but I guess it does come off like that. The thing with Jack was he wanted Daisy to be pure for the embodiment of his son one day (the antichrist). He was ticked when it didn’t exactly go that way, thanks to Dane. He had planned for Daisy to be born of lust and not love through an illicit affair, but it didn’t go that way as told in Rose’s Sin. I know some readers might feel this is coming from a religious standpoint, but it’s not meant that way at all. It’s just about how light can overcome any darkness, to believe in yourself; that is the sole message. Jack represents that darkness in all of us that fight the good. I don’t consider myself a religious person, and don’t want any readers to feel I’m sending that message out. This is purely a story for entertainment that happened to have an MC who believed strongly in God (good/herself). For Daisy to have had any kind of sexual contact (her struggle with Christian Stone and even Eric’s feelings toward her), it would ignite any chemical reactions, as told by the priest, and that it would weaken her for what she needed to do in the end. In my sequel, Daisy’s daughter will pretty much be the opposite of her, fueled by revenge. Exactly what Jack does want.

Me– While I was reading I definitely didn’t get any preachy vibes from the story. I thought you did a great job of weaving religion into the story as more of a strength type of thing than a religious thing. I saw the struggle of light and dark.

Q: Where did the idea for this book come from?

Okay, when I first set out to write this story, it came from a dream I had of a girl at a table with two men, and they were arguing over her, like a bet. I ran to my computer and wrote that scene. That was about 10 years ago. I began to write, and was going to make this a simple romance story without the supernatural lore. The dance was a homecoming dance in a college football town. It was horrible. I let that story go, had my 3rd child, and then went back to it a year ago. I honestly couldn’t tell you where the idea came from to turn it into an occult story; it just came to me? When I sat to rewrite this, the spooky elements rushed through my writing and the name Black 21 formed. I love Stephen King and believe Carrie inspired my Daisy. Also, Rosemary’s Baby inspired the occult theme. I grew up on these books and movies, plus a healthy dose of bodice-rippers, ha! It made perfect sense to write what I love: Horror with Romance. I’ve said many times before I can’t write one without the other. I love anything paranormal and beyond our grasp. The mysterious. The immortal soul.

Q: As a writer, what do you think are the most important things a book must have to be successful?

I think in order for a book to be successful, it needs an element of surprise, an unpredictable story line that will leave the reader guessing to the end. This can be done in any genre, not just mysteries, thrillers, or suspense. It needs to make the reader want to turn the page to see what happens next, a good plot structure, and scenes that just make sense to the whole story. Also, a good grasp of grammar and sentence structure provides nice flow, keeping the reader immersed in the story. Character development is very important so you can empathize with each one, even the bad ones.

Q: Do you have any odd writing quirks?

Let’s see, writing quirks…um, I need my nails practically cut down to the bone. If I feel my nails on the keys, drives me crazy!

Q: What advice would you give to new writers?

Don’t listen to that negative voice in your head; it’s a bad voice! Don’t compare yourself, as I used to and would stop writing when I read a great book. Don’t wait for inspiration to hit. Just sit at the keyboard and go to town! The story WILL come to you. It’s there, deep within your soul. Keep your own voice in your writing. Before I self-published, I never would have believed I could do all the things I’m doing now, such as designing my own website, promoting, formatting correctly for Kindle, creating printed versions, and doing these awesome interviews. Never! I would never have guessed that about myself. You can do it, too.

Just For Fun Questions:

Q: If you could go back in time, what time period would you visit and what would you do?

I guess I’d go back to the 1950s, and tell these women they are intelligent and can do things without needing their husband’s permission, to only get married if they want. They can do anything and deserve the same respect. My husband does the cooking and the grocery shopping; they would baulk at such a thing!

Me— *Virtual Fist Bump* My hubs does most of the cooking too. We would starve if left up to me.

Q: If there was one thing that you could change about the world, what would you change?

I’d change the safety of our schools, or lack thereof, and make it harder for these mass murders of our children. It’s become an epidemic and needs to change.

Q: What was something you thought was totally cool as a teenager but now wish you had never done or worn?

Having boyfriends and staying out late, missing school because of those late nights. I wish I would have taken that time more seriously, but I guess I turned out fine.

Q: If the zombie apocalypse actually happened, what would be your survival game plan?

Hmmm, zombies, huh? Well, I guess I’d get my family and zoo of animals safe and put away in some zombie shelter I’d have buried under my house, stock it with plenty of food, and wait it out. I might even consider guns at that point since I don’t believe in them now, but I think that would keep them at bay. The only zombie movie I’ve ever seen was Night of the Living Dead, and that movie still gives me the willies. Oh, and I also watched Warm Bodies with my daughter. Never read a zombie book!



Summary from Goodreads:

Growing up sheltered by an overprotective father, gifted Daisy was determined to be independent and free, but freedom comes with a hefty price. On what appears to be an innocent family visit in the country, a strange deal is struck with Daisy. Not all things are what they seem. Twenty-first birthdays take on a whole new meaning in this hideaway town. Thrown into an occult world filled with sinister lies, Daisy spirals down a destructive path of despair, taking risks for a man she hardly knows. But this man knows her very well. There’s a reason she’s been sheltered. On a mission to seek the truth, she encounters a shocking past with the darkest of conspiracies revealed.

Intended for mature audiences of 18+ due to mature subject matter.

This book is available for purchase through Amazon. Click the title

“Black 21”

I highly recommend this book. It has my stamp of approval!

dino stamp of approval