Book Review “Good Globe” Shelby Simpson


A million things bind us to the repetitive drudgery of our every day lives. Our imagined confines breed a horde of excuses that keep us from stepping outside of the usual, the monotonous, and taking that final step needed to start our travel dreams—the long-term vacation, living overseas dreams.

This is a true story of what happens when comfort stays on the tarmac and fades into the distance like a forgotten canvas duffle bag. This is about making sure the bucket list gets completed tomorrow.

Throughout her life, Shelby Simpson has abandoned monotony in search of the next great adventure. She has visited 39 countries and lived in seven—traveling from the surreal beaches of Fiji to the winding halls of a Bolivian prison, and to dozens of locations in between. Each new destination reveals a new story, a tasty local cocktail, and a piece of a powerful truth: Fear is the only barrier to discovering that people are really all the same.

This book is a glimpse at the wonders we can discover when we find the courage to take that first step to travel outside of our comfort zone. There are belly laughs, panicked gasps, and awed silences to be had in every corner of this magical globe. All it takes is a little gumption, a shot (or five) of vodka, and the goodness inherent in people everywhere.

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              “Good Globe” is so much more than a travel novel. It is the enlightenment of a young Oklahoma woman to the ways of the world. Some good, some bad, but all equally momentous.

Being an Okie from the sticks myself, I can imagine the shock of a new country on a woman. Living in Oklahoma will definitely not prepare you for living in the outback or ..say….Asia. What guts this chick has!

And this chick has guts..let me tell you. This book hits the full range of the emotional spectrum. Her narration ranges from just the right amount of snark and sassy hair swishes to profound understandings of different cultures and the love she finds among them.

Shelby gives us everything right from her heart. This book is written with so much love it oozes off the pages. Shelby may as well of booby trapped the pages with wanderlust dust. I swear you will be looking up flights for your dream vacation before you have even finished the book.

This is the real deal. This is straight talk. Shelby tells it like she saw it. She slashes through travel myths with what may as well be the travel-myth Excalibur.

If ever you have dreamed of adventure…this is the book for you. This is just the kick in the pants you need to book that flight and start your journey.

Shelby’s message is uplifting and motivating. It’s a lot like talking to a friend. She’s that gypsy/ hippie/sarcastic/brutally honest/ loyal friend who will take your hand and empower you. What an amazing mark to leave on the world.  

I give this book the full 5 stars!

5 stars


        I personally recommend this book. It has the AlliesOpinions official stamp of approval!

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The Technical Data:

Title: Good Globe: Time For A Change Of Hemisphere | Author(s): Shelby Simpson |Publisher: Drunk Publishing / Publication Date: 9-21-2015 | Pages: 352 (Paperback) |ISBN:B015NRAQGM  | Genre(s): Non-Fiction/ Travel | Language: English |Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Date Read: 11-30-2015 | Source: Copy From Author

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