5 Star YA “Young Marian : A Viper in the Forest” by Mandy Webster

Summary from Amazon:

Marian and Robin’s carefree childhood in Sherwood Forest takes a dark turn when the arrival of a cruel new lord sets off a series of intrigues including robbery, kidnapping and murder.

Marian watches in horror as the man strides, weapon in hand, toward where Robin lies helpless. But when Robin’s plan to exact vengeance goes awry, Marian must risk her own life to save him.

A rash of robberies has been plaguing the great houses of Nottinghamshire. Knowing what she does about him, Marian is forced to ask herself whether Robin is capable of the crime spree or if his was just a one-off act of revenge.

Marian’s attempts to uncover the truth lead her into the path of the handsome young Guy of Gisbane – and danger. Kidnapped and hopelessly lost in the forest, Marian has only her wits to rely on if she and Robin hope to survive.


‘A Viper in the Forest’ is ideal for any young reader looking for a female role model who stands strong in the face of adversity. This brave young woman holds her own in a medieval world of cruelty, injustice and corruption.


The first book in the Young Marian Series, ‘A Viper in the Forest’ by Mandy Webster is a prequel to the classic Robin Hood legend. Often portrayed merely as Robin Hood’s love interest or a member of his troupe of merry men, ‘A Viper in the Forest’ reimagines Marian as a hero in her own right. Young Marian will inspire readers with her fearless attitude and strong sense of loyalty and honour.


The history of Maid Marian has long been shrouded in mystery. ‘A Viper in the Forest’ takes the reader on a journey to the root of the Marian story, exploring the forces that shaped the woman at the heart of the classic adventures. Readers will be inspired by the heroism and courage that have made her so integral to the Robin Hood legend.

There is a shortage of feminine heroines in Middle Grade Literature who challenge the issues of social inequality, yet in this cruel medieval setting in which women are so often overlooked and oppressed Marian stands out as a heroine unwilling to accept the restrictions society wants to set on her.

Part Katniss – capable and fearless; part Hermione – smart, sensible, and a grounding influence on her more impulsive friends; Marian combines these qualities with humour and warmth. Young Marian is an inspiration for any female reader who is searching for role models and leaders as she navigates the often challenging obstacles that teen life brings about.


This book has been personally reviewed by AlliesOpinions. We gave it 5 stars! To see the review click the title

“Young Marian: A Viper in the Forest”

Review Stats

Goodreads: 4.8 average!

Amazon: 4.9 average!

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AMAZON– 2.99 Kindle 11.99 Paperback

About The Author

Mandy Webster

Mandy Webster writes for a popular children’s website. She has also edited an online parenting magazine, and worked as an advertising copywriter. ‘Young Marian: A Viper in the Forest’ is her first novel.


This book has the AlliesOpinions official stamp of approval. We wholeheartedly recommend this book!

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