Y’all Qaeda


Of all the causes to get behind…come on…this is the one you pick? What exactly are you pissed about?

Ever heard of land management? Probably not. That’s why the government swept in and started making regulations and rules on who and when people can graze cows on land.

Your going to stand up for someone who deliberately destroyed land….come on…

Poor land management = dust bowl.

Google it.

Honestly people..i just can’t. These guys are hypocrites of the highest order. They were happy to take from the government but got pissed when they have to follow the governments rules.

If you want to change the government…..you do it through rallies and votes. Not by strapping on your AK and taking over a bird sanctuary.

Poor birds.

By the way…I wish people would stop calling them a militia…they are terrorists. Plain and simple.

If anyone other than a bunch of white country bumpkin guys did this…..they would all be locked in a cell or dead. Maybe both.

That boils my blood.

If you have a cause to stand up for….at least make it one that’s worth it. I mean..you’re risking your life by this course of action. If you’re going to be a martyr may as well do it for a good cause. I don’t suggest martyrdom though. You will get way more accomplished if your alive.

What gets my goat is that they didn’t pick the homeless problem. They didn’t pick the extremely high percentage of childhood poverty. They didn’t pick the under funding of our education system or our crumbling infrastructure.

They picked this.

Of all the stupid shit that happens in this country. This has got to make top ten.

2016 is ruined. Thanks y’all qaeda.

oregon snack




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