Book Review “Delilah Dusticle” by A. J. York

Delilah Dusticle Cover

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Delilah Dusticle has special powers. She can completely eradicate dust. With her quiver pouch of special dusters, Delilah can run up walls, reaching places others just can’t. As a maid in the Fenchurch-Whittington house, Delilah’s unusual skills soon lead to her being promoted to Chief Dust Eradicator and Remover. Until one day, when a broken heart leads to her powers taking an expected turn.

This is the first book in a quirky middle grade fantasy series. The story entices the reader into a new and magical world that appeals to both kids and adults. The reader can explore how the ordinary in life can be extraordinarily overlooked, how friendship can help you overcome life’s difficulties and how accepting yourself is the biggest challenge of all.

Reading this book is a truly magical and uplifting experience that should not be missed. Read it today!


What a creative story! York does a fantastic job with this book!

Delilah was such a fun character. She is kind and magical. I really enjoyed how even though there is magic in the book, it’s not overly unrealistic. Since most of the story is realistic, this meshes well. It’s written in a way that still fuels the imagination without being all the story is about. 

This story is about how depression can make you lose sight of who you are as a person. Also, how the talents that you have may not always be glamorous or the one’s you were hoping for. It’s always best to love oneself no matter what.

York did a great job with character explanations. Just the right amount of detail to catch a child’s attention. I felt like I knew all I needed to. 

The pacing of the story is well done. No lulls and it consistently holds the readers attention. Perfect for it’s age group.

World building was great. I enjoyed how well the author wove magic into the real world. It was clever and fun.

The moral lesson to this story was great. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It’s a great book for younger children and preteens. As an adult I enjoyed it!

The only complaint I have is about the cover. To appeal to younger readers, the cover should have a bit more going on and look as fun as the story!

I give this book 5 stars!

5 stars

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Delilah Dusticle: A Magical Fantasy Series for Children Ages 8-12 (The Delilah Dusticle Adventures) (Volume 1)

The Technical Data:

Title: Delilah Dusticle | Author(s): A. J. York |

Publisher: Create Space / Publication Date: 6-1-2014 |Pages: 96 (paperback) | ISBN: 9781497511798 | Genre(s): Children’s Fantasy / Magic  |Language: English | Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Date Read: 1-15-2016 | Source: Copy from author

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