Martin Luther King Jr Day

Martin Luther King jr

Today is Martin Luther King Jr day. Today reminds all of us of civil rights and the fight that so many have undertook to establish them.

Civil rights issue’s still plague us today. With people like Donald Trump spreading hate and division we must remember that we are all one. We are all humans. We all deserve to be treated equally. No matter your race, your sexual orientation or preference. No matter your gender. We are all humans floating on this blue and green orb in space.

Don’t let anyone divide you. Don’t subscribe to the hate and fear mongering. 

MLKJ quotes 1

Our fates are connected. We all bleed red. Don’t let anyone or anything divide us. 

MLKJ quotes 2

Raise your voice against injustice. Stand together and make those who do wrong accountable for that wrong.

I’ll end with this.

MLKJ quotes 3

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