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Meet Dan Delacor, an utterly boring citizen of Yellow City. Every day he puts on his yellow shoes, yellow shirt, yellow pants, and yellow tie, and catches a ride on the Tunnel Runner from the suburbs into downtown. He has a job, a home, and a girlfriend, and he never wonders what waits beyond the giant glass wall that surrounds Yellow City.
Except… Dan isn’t as boring as he seems. He often wonders why everything in Yellow City has to be yellow. He wonders why he suffers frequent anxiety attacks, and why he can’t help himself from strolling through dangerous neighborhoods, or running wildly through the fields that separate downtown from the suburbs. Mostly though, Dan wonders why he can’t remember how he lost his right arm, or anything that happened before five years ago.
So, when Dan’s mundane yellow world is interrupted with the seemingly impossible presence of a little red dog named Dean, he quickly finds out there are answers to his questions, and that everything he knows is a lie.
Follow Dan as he learns the secrets of his true identity, the scope of the world beyond the wall, and the true intentions of Yellow City’s mysterious leader, Chancellor Elgrey Vinsidian. Meet Wendy, the twelve-year-old girl on a rescue mission, Echo Valkzdokker, the woman with a love for danger, James Perkins, the wily pilot who has a way with words, and Bianna Kensington, the cold-mannered rebel with a cause. Look through the cracks of this new world with Dan as he learns why his little friend is nicknamed The Dean Machine, what special bond they share, and why the dog deserves a legacy that should live on forever.

He lives to love.
He would die to protect.
His heart is a machine.


The Preface of this story begins with the true story of the real dog named Dean. My heart aches for what that sweet little dog had gone through. Puppy mills are disgusting places and anyone caught doing that to an animal should have to face the severest of legal consequences. All life is precious and no life should endure such horror.

This was one of those books that has heavy moral meanings. First and foremost are animal rights. That’s a running theme in this book. Secondly, are human rights. This is really brought home with the humans in cages. Moral lessons are great when they are correctly wove into the existing story. Fortunately, they were wove in wonderfully in this story. What I mean by that is that even without the moral lesson’s there is still a story here. Moral lessons are great and all but the story is the reason that people read fiction.

This author spares nothing. His descriptions are gory and realistic. He pulls no punches and relates each scene’s emotions and scenery without candy coating any of the horror. He almost relishes in the horror. He describes the settings with an honesty I found refreshing.  

Each character is written wonderfully. I really got a sense of their individuality and their separate experiences. Each character has a vibrant personality and a clear role to play in the story. Even the characters who only have a short role in the story. They will stick with you even when their role is over.

There is a lot of plot twists in this book. It almost felt like too much. I would really of liked to see this worked into two books. I felt like parts of the story were hurried and needed more explanation instead of villain soliloquy . 

In a lot of ways this book moved like a Frank Miller movie.Especially  the Yellow City and the vibrant villains. This would make one hell of a comic book. It actually read a lot like a comic with the dramatic scenes and the clear villain/hero line.

Yellow City is a creepy place. The world building in this story was fantastic. I got the chills often as I was reading. I also cringed regularly. 

I really enjoyed reading this book. It had a great story and a deeper meaning. I was entertained and was persuaded to have a deep think about the world.

With that in mind I am granting this book 5 stars.

5 stars

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The Dean Machine

The Technical Data:

Title: The Dean Machine | Author(s): Dylan Lee Peters |

Publisher: Create Space Independant Publishing / Publication Date: 12-4-2015 |Pages: 294 (paperback) | ISBN:  978-1519414663 | Genre(s): Scifi/ Fantasy / Horror |Language: English | Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Date Read: 1-19-2016 | Source: Copy from author

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