5 Star Children’s Book “The Insect Hotel”

A 2013 ‘Wishing Shelf’ Gold Award Winner!! Read the fun times and adventures Harry and his Dad share together during the day while working in their garden, then enjoy the fictional bed time stories Dad created for Harry about all the new insect friends they met that day.

Book Review “A Treasure of Bone & Promises” by Hob Goodfellowe

Free Download! Set in a dark fairytale world, Crown of Bone follows a young woman, Caewen, forced to take up a quest by a magician who thinks himself a little above things as adventures... She crosses snowy and sunlit mountains carved with old faces in the stone, and passes through airless forests, meeting strange creatures on the way. She arrives finally at the charmed city of the Wisht Folk, the Place of Vines and Mists, where she will find that the quest has more twists to it than she suspected...