5 Star Children’s Book “The Insect Hotel”

The Insect Hotel Cover

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A 2013 ‘Wishing Shelf’ Gold Award Winner!!

Read the fun times and adventures Harry and his Dad share together during the day while working in their garden, then enjoy the fictional bed time stories Dad created for Harry about all the new insect friends they met that day.

The book also contains a lovely foreword from Nature expert and TV personality Bill Oddie who shares his high regard for both book and author with quotes like “if you think you can write better, I bet you can’t!”.

A book you and your young one’s will love and share together.

This book has been personally reviewed by AlliesOpinions! We LOVED it! To see the review, click the title below.

“The Insect Hotel”

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Goodreads: 4.7 average!

Amazon : 5 average!

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About The Author

David Stringer Author Pic

David has recently written his first book, The Insect Hotel, which is about and includes three of his passions: His Family, His love of Nature and humor.

He is also embarking on a new career in the National Health Service, working in operating theaters.

His book, The Insect Hotel, is about him and his youngest son’s real life adventures in the garden as they attempt to occupy themselves as well as get some much needed gardening work done. Each chapter then moves onto bedtime (or should that be battle time) as David attempts to get his youngest off to sleep with some invented bedtime stories from their days adventures.

David is also very proud that Bill Oddie OBE, one of his childhood hero’s, agreed to write a lovely foreword for his book. If nothing else develops from this fun activity of attempting to write a book, he’ll always treasure some of Bill’s kind words.

This book has the AlliesOpinions official stamp of approval. We recommend this book!

dino stamp of approval




Book Review “Britain at War 1939-1945 : What Was Life Like During The War” James Lingard

Britain at War Cover

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The book gives a short insight into the horrors of the home front told from the perspective of someone who actually experienced them, a fascinating look at the harsh realities of life in Britain, life full of drama and the danger of impending death. How did a family with a small child caught up in such a war survive?
There follows an overview of the major campaigns in World War II, giving an insight into the big picture, enlivened by personal experiences and quotations from Churchill.

I will go ahead and get my only criticism out of the way. From the title, I felt like there would be more actual story than there was. There are some experiences detailed regarding the author and his family, but I really wanted more. The enticing thing about a book like this is the lure of seeing such a tremulous time in history play out from human eyes and emotions instead of the dry history rhetoric we all know from school. The parts of this that are in the book are fantastic. I really wanted more.

The quotes are perfectly placed and add that needed emotion while reading the dryer details of war. It actually helps keep the reader interested instead of skipping those pages. There are many things that Mr. Churchill did in his political career that I disagree with. However, there are also things I think he handled in an impressive manner. Using him for the majority of the quotes was a brilliant way to “live” this story like you were actually there.

The book is well researched and well formatted. There were a few of the statistics that really surprised me. I have read a lot about World War Two and I was surprised to find new information. These added details really help the reader understand the immense strategy and luck that kept Britain from being invaded. 

In conclusion, I enjoyed learning more about this time in history through the eyes of someone who lived it. I would like to see the author write a book with more eye witness accounts of this time. Mainly, the years after the war ended and the rebuilding of life.

I give this book 4 stars.

4 star

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The Technical Data:

Title: Britain At War | Author(s): James Lingard |

Publisher: Author House UK / Publication Date: 5-20-2015 |Pages: 150 (Print) | ISBN: 9781504942126 | Genre(s): History/ Education  |Language:English | Rating: 4 out of 5 |  Date Read: 2-10-2016 | Source: Copy from Author

Doing Good Does Not Negate The Bad You’ve Done


Yesterday I called John Lewis out as a liar. 

I have since received tweets from people trying to guilt me into taking it down.

I will not.

Why you ask? Because it’s the truth.

John Lewis lied. 

Not only did he lie, he also tried to discredit Bernie Sanders civil rights participation. That is unacceptable. Senator Sanders has worked his entire life towards equality. He has no scandals and has been steadfast in his convictions. He is reliable. So, when John Lewis dropped his bomb of lies…I was pissed.

How in the world can a black man stand up and flippantly attempt to discredit someone who fought so hard for the rights of his people? 

Person after person has reminded me of all the good that John Lewis has done. I don’t need reminding. I know he is a civil rights hero. I know that he has done a lot of good.

Now though, he is doing bad. He is supporting a candidate who will not fight as hard as Bernie will. He is, in my opinion, selling out.

All the good in the world does not negate the bad also done. The bad is still valid. A lie is still a lie. 

Let’s all remember that Bernie Sanders was arrested protesting segregation.

Bernie quotes

When Bernie Sanders runs the most honest campaign of any modern politician, I think he deserves for people to stand up and call out others who don’t. His ideals will bring this country out of the dark ages we now find ourselves in.

MLKJ quotes 4

Sound familiar? This is the same message Bernie Sanders has continued to spread.

bernie quotes 1

In conclusion,

I will not take down my post. John Lewis lied. If Bernie Sanders can stand up for the truth, so can I.

Bernie Sanders for President!

bernie quotes 2


Book Review “Whisper Of The Woods” D. G. Driver

whipser of the woods cover

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Juniper Sawfeather seems to have a talent for finding mythological creatures. Or maybe the creatures are finding her.

The mermaids she saved from the oil spill are long gone. There’s no evidence of them, and she’s been branded as a liar and a fake in the media and at school. Her environmental activist parents have moved on to a protest to save Old Growth trees from being chopped down. June isn’t particularly concerned with this cause until after falling asleep at the base of a giant tree she wakes to find herself 40 feet in the air on one of its branches!

From this point on she becomes obsessed with the tree, and it appears the tree is becoming obsessed with her too. Soon, she is trapped 170 feet above the ground, and the magical spirit that resides in the tree isn’t interested in letting her go free or allowing anyone else to save her. Is the tree spirit good or evil? Will Juniper’s feet ever touch the ground again?

This was a great sequel to “Cry Of The Sea”. Juniper has found herself entangled with yet another mythical creature/spirit. 

The woods come alive (literally) in this novel. This thousand year old tree has a mind of it’s own and has decided it likes Juniper and plans to keep her. 

The premise for this story is interesting. There are thousands upon thousands of fables about trees coming alive or people’s spirits getting trapped in a tree. It’s a fascinating and terrifying idea. Really makes you see trees in a different light.

Juniper, as always, is a bit of a brat. The story really gets going with her throwing a fit because Carter brought her to a protest on their first night back together. I think this part of her personality gives her a bit of depth. No teenager is immune to mood swings. No teenager sees the bigger picture every time. Sometimes, they’re a bit selfish. That’s real life. I like that Mrs. Driver wrote Juniper this way. Like I said, it really gives her some depth.

The descriptions of the tree are beautiful. I would love to see one of these trees for myself. How impressive and imposing a 200+ ft tree would be. 

I was happy to see Juniper and her mom come together in this book. It resolved some issues that I had from the first book. I’ll be honest, I really didn’t like June’s mom in the first book. It felt like Juniper’s parents neglected her a bit. In this book both Juniper’s mother and father are given a bit more depth and I felt like I got to know them a bit better. The story about how Juniper’s last name came about is beautiful. I literally “awe’d” out loud.

I LOVE how this story ties in with “Cry Of The Sea”. It takes the mermaid premise to a whole new plane. Including the Native American myth was perfect. It took the whole series to a whole new place. I am super excited to see where it goes. 

I look forward to continuing my journey with Juniper Sawfeather.

Definite 5 star book.

5 stars

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The Technical Data:

Title: Whisper Of The Woods | Author(s): D. G. Driver |

Publisher: Fire and Ice Young Adult Books / Publication Date: 11-21-2015 |Pages: 235 (Print) | ISBN: B017V3F53K  | Genre(s): Fantasy / Young Adult  |Language:English | Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Date Read: 2-10-2016 | Source: Copy from Author

I’m Not Kidding Maddi Went Viral!

The meme originated on a  comedic Facebook group called Bernie Sanders’ Dank Meme Stash.

Maddi's dollar 1

The meme is an email sent out from the Clinton campaign. I’m guessing whoever was in charge of formatting this email has been fired. It has since went viral mocking Hillary Clinton. The meme’s are ruthless. 

  Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primaries by a margin of 20%.

All this can’t be good for the Clinton campaign. Especially since there was a record turnout of an estimated 550,000 voters in a state with a population of just 1.3 million.

Bernie Sanders said his win represented the start of a “political revolution” and showed he could reach the White House. Putting the rumors that he is unelectable to rest.

Seems to me that Maddi’s dollar went to Bernie. Sorry Hillary, better luck next time.

maddi's dollar 2


maddi's dollar 3

maddi's dollar 4

maddi's dollar 5

The Internet is a powerful thing.


Potty Training Adventures

Potty training meme

The terrible two’s have landed people. They are here with flippin bells on. 

Trying to potty train in the midst of all this toddler angst is going to give me a drinking problem…jk!?

 Mason did surprisingly well at first. He peed when I put him on the potty pretty much every time. He even started to tell me when he needed to poo so I could put him on the potty. I really thought this was going to be easy.

Why oh why did I ever allow myself to think that?

Now, we have hit regression. Mason is stealth ninja hiding to poop. 

He channels his inner Flash and runs when I even get close to the bathroom.

Patience…I need patience. Someone ship me some. Overnight it. Next day air that shit.

Bribing isn’t even working anymore. I can’t believe my marshmallow monster is boycotting marshmallows. Now, I have nothing to bribe him with.

It’s back to the books on this one and they all say not to push it so I’m backing off. Which really sucks. Like, REALLY sucks. I was enjoying not having to use five thousand wipes every poopy diaper. I was enjoying the two total diaper changes a day. It was working out for me. 

Especially while having a newborn. I mean, I’m getting my fill of diapers with her. 

So, we’re on potty training hold for awhile. Look’s like Mason’s changing pad and I are going to get reacquainted.

Joy. So much joy.

potty training meme 1


Book Review “A Treasure of Bone & Promises” by Hob Goodfellowe

a treasure of bone and promises

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Set in a dark fairytale world, Crown of Bone follows a young woman, Caewen, forced to take up a quest by a magician who thinks himself a little above things as adventures… She crosses snowy and sunlit mountains carved with old faces in the stone, and passes through airless forests, meeting strange creatures on the way. She arrives finally at the charmed city of the Wisht Folk, the Place of Vines and Mists, where she will find that the quest has more twists to it than she suspected…

Crown of Bone is the first novella in a fantasy series, The Winter King. Each story forms together into a plot arc but can be read as stand-alone books.

The detail in this novella is surprising. Considering it’s length, I expected it to feel a bit rushed and lacking. I was wrong. 

This novella reads a bit like a excerpt out of a bigger story and in many ways it is. 

The descriptions in this novella are well done. From the magician Mannagarm, to the ghoul among the Whist, the descriptions are gritty and  dark. 

This world is rough and dark. 

I love that the hero is a woman. It’s not often the hero in a fantasy novella is a woman. Usually it’s a whole pile of guys with women playing less labor intensive roles. 

Not here, Caewen is no queen or high born lady. She is from the poorest conditions and still manages to triumph.

A great start to what I hope will be a great series.

5 Stars

5 stars

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The Technical Data:

Title: A Treasure Of Bone & Promises | Author(s): Hob Goodfellowe |

Publisher: Hob Goodfellowe / Publication Date: 7-11-2015 |Pages: 54 (Kindle) | ISBN: B011FCOKZ2 | Genre(s): Fantasy / Epic  |Language:English | Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Date Read: 2-8-2016 | Source: Copy from Author

Book Review “Because You’ll Never Meet Me” by Leah Thomas

Because you'll never meet me book cover

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In a stunning literary debut, two boys on opposite ends of the world begin an unlikely friendship that will change their lives forever.

Ollie and Moritz are best friends, but they can never meet. Ollie is allergic to electricity. Contact with it causes debilitating seizures. Moritz’s weak heart is kept pumping by an electronic pacemaker. If they ever did meet, Ollie would seize. But Moritz would die without his pacemaker. Both hermits from society, the boys develop a fierce bond through letters that become a lifeline during dark times—as Ollie loses his only friend, Liz, to the normalcy of high school and Moritz deals with a bully set on destroying him.

A story of impossible friendship and hope under strange circumstances, this debut is powerful, dark and humorous in equal measure. These extraordinary voices bring readers into the hearts and minds of two special boys who, like many teens, are just waiting for their moment to shine.

The writing in this book is as perfect as it gets. I was fascinated by these boys. One “allergic” to electricity and another born without eyes. What memorable and unique characters! 

Ollie struck me as the more normalish of the two at first. Which is really saying something when you consider he has little to no contact with anyone other than his mom and his Doctor. His character is one of those people whose highs are high and whose lows are very low. He is bright and vibrant. Full of life and curiosity. He is intelligent and yet immature. He is heroic but selfish. He is complicated. Just as he should be. He reminded me of every hyper kid who would rather be terrorizing the outdoors and experiencing life rather than being stuck indoors. 

Moritz on the other hand started out as the darker of the two. While he began making some progress in his life, it felt like Ollie was going the opposite way. Moritz’s ability to “echo-locate” was amazing. Imagine seeing the world in sound waves. Moritz is still among the world but not entirely part of it. Since he isn’t blind but, definitely can’t “see”, he is stuck in that horrid middle ground where no one quite knows how to treat him. Especially when they see the emptiness behind his goggles.

The ending is perfect. These two seemingly unconnected boys find themselves connected in the most intimate of ways. They are both products of the same person’s ambition to change the world. They are both in many ways a part of each other. 

This was a beautiful story of fighting our own obstacles in the best way we can. This story is about living life for all it’s worth no matter what and being the best friend you can be to those you are lucky enough to have.

A definite 5 star book!

5 stars

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The Technical Data:

Title: Because You’ll Never Meet Me | Author(s): Leah Thomas |

Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Childrens / Publication Date: 6-2-2015 |Pages: 353 (Paperback) | ISBN: 9781408862629 | Genre(s): Young Adult   |Language:English | Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Date Read: 2-7-2016 | Source: Copy from Library

Parents Get Off Your Damn Phone.

Parents on phones 1

First off, the irony is not lost on me that I am typing this message to parents on a computer instead of playing with my kids. To head off any nasty comments about hypocrisy, my kids are both napping (for once in their lives they are both asleep at the same time).

Now that we have that out of the way let’s begin today’s rant.

My daughter Fianna has had some tummy trouble’s so my husband and I took her to the Doctor today. While waiting our turn, we noticed a few things that made us shake our heads.

There was a teen mother with her mother and the teen’s baby in the waiting room. Teen moms usually make me inwardly cringe. That’s due to the fact that I know life is going to be rough for both mother and child. Having a baby young is never a great idea. 

What really made me cringe was that the baby in question was around a year old and still in a small baby carrier. The car seat carrier was way too small for this child. This is incredibly unsafe. Call me crazy but I said something to the mother about the carrier. They never even looked up from their phones. They both shrugged off my suggestion. SHRUGGED! I wasn’t rude or anything. I just kindly informed them that the car seat was inadequate for the size of the child and would not correctly protect the child.

What really broke my heart was the baby trying to get both of their attention. He was yelling “HEY MOMMA…HEY MOMMA HEY MOMMA!”. They didn’t even glance at him. My two year old son went over and starting talking to him and they shared a small child conversation. The subject of which I couldn’t even begin to guess at. The pair still hadn’t even looked at the baby. 

It broke my heart that this baby was trying his damndest to get some attention. Here he was the most adorable baby ever begging his mom and grandma to look at him. 

It made me sick inside. When we finally got called back I couldn’t hold it in any longer and I cried a little for that child.

My husband gave me a hug and we both looked at our two precious children. I am rarely on my phone when my kids are awake. I am usually either playing with them or doing chores. My children never have to beg me for attention and they never will. 

So, my message to you is to unplug. Get off that phone and tablet. Close the laptop and play with your kids. Give them the attention they deserve. They are only little for a little while.

wooden box pic

One Lovely Blog Award

one lovely blog award

Recently Charity over at onmykindle nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award. I want to first thank her for the nomination! I haven’t been blogging for a long time and I’m still getting the hang of the blogging world. I appreciate the compliment! 

So here we go!



Here are the rules for nomination:

  • You must thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  • You must list the rules and display the award.
  • You must add 7 facts about yourself.
  • You must nominate 15 other bloggers and comment on one of their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
  • You must display the award logo and follow the blogger who nominated you.


Seven Facts About Me

  1. I am incredibly curious about dang near everything. I am forever trying to figure out how something works. Whether it is mechanical, educational or environmental I am forever trying to worm my way into it’s depths to discover all I can.
  2. Other than my blog, I am a stay at home mom to two beautiful children. A 2 year old named Mason and my 2 month old daughter Fianna.
  3. I am married to the male version of myself. My husband and I are best friends and have the same hobbies and opinions. We are basically one person. It freaks people out.
  4. I am a democratic socialist.
  5. I am a very outdoors type person. I am at my best when I am outside.
  6. I am an atheist.
  7. I am a very passionate person. I have strong convictions and I stand up for them. I am that person you have to warn others about because I will talk about hard stuff. Politics, animal rights, human rights, Religion, civil rights…..all of it. I am forever trying to make the world a better place.


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