Back to the Schedule

For the past month or so my family has been through hell. So, of course, my blog has suffered. I’m waaay behind on damn near everything. From reviews to promotions… I am backed up.

I’ll give you a bit of an explanation. My son fell through the floor at our house. That’s how it began. We were renting an older house and as my son was running around the dining room his legs went through the floor. I freaked out and ran to him immediately. He had already pulled himself up and ran across the room from me where he promptly fell in again. This time only one foot. It was a fucking nightmare. I immediately contacted our landlord. He took days to make the repair. His repair was a piece of raw plywood he put on the floor over the hole and called it good. During this time we obviously couldn’t stay there and had to dip into savings to pay for a hotel.

After that we terminated our contract with that landlord due to the house being unsafe since he wouldn’t do an adequate repair and we were forced to stay with friends or hotels.

A few weeks ago we found another house and have moved in. This time we are renting from a legitimate property management company. Never again will I rent from an individual.

This entire process has been a nightmare that is still on going.

I want to formally apologize for the added wait to any authors for book reviews and promotions.

I will do my best to adhere to the schedule set out in my policy from this week on.

Thank you for your patience while my family and I go through this transition.

FYI hotels get really old really fast with two small kids.

Carry on folks.

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