This Weeks TBR!

In an attempt to get things back on schedule, I will be posting my current reads each week on Wednesdays. They are in no particular order.

Drum Roll…….

Fictional adventures await!

Silverwood Cover

Silverwood – Jule Owen

I’ve read and reviewed the 1st book in this series. It was amaze-balls. To see my review of the 1st book —> “The Boy Who Fell From The Sky” 

I’ll confess I’m halfway into this book already and I wish I had time to just binge read it. It has it’s hooks in me.


He Made Me Laugh Cover

He Made Me Laugh- Sheronda L. Barksdale

I’m excited to read this book. I hope it turns out to be awesome.

10% of the proceeds from He Made Me Laugh will be donated to Turning Point Breast Cancer Rehabilitation in Roswell, GA.

Find out more about this amazing organization at:


Well folks, that’s my list for the week. What’s yours?

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