Book Review “Simply The Wildside”by Amber Joy

Amber has a sweet writing voice and her stories have that soft edge that puts you at ease and helps you fall back into love with life. Her love for her family shines like a beacon through her stories. The whole book almost has a glow to it. It's clear that Amber put her heart into every word.


Discussion Topics: Bad Reviews

As a book reviewer who reads a shit ton of books, I am bound to run across at least one really crap book. It happens. It puts me as a reviewer in a really tight spot. I know how much blood, sweat and tears goes into just writing a novel. Not to mention the vulnerability of submitting it to the whim of a reviewer.

Happy Endings – The Divide is REAL.

As readers, we get very involved in our stories. These are not just characters. They are little pieces of ourselves that we invest into every story. Each story changes a bit about us. After finishing a really great book, we emerge from our reading cocoon with a bit of a different world view. Every story weaves it's way into our psych.