Countless – The Daily Toy Sweep

This prompt comes from The Daily Post. Each day they post a new prompt. It really helps get the creative juices flowing. Check them out for yourself. You might find just the inspiration you’ve been looking for.

Leaf Border

This is an age old problem for parents of littles. We try to keep the toys organized. We buy these neat little storage shelves to help our kids find just the dinosaur figurine he was looking for.

No matter our good intentions and constant upkeep it usually looks like a tornado blew through.

Mason Toy Disaster

At least he stacked the tubs. That’s an improvement. Why do we pick up the same toys countless times?

Because someday they won’t need us too.

Someday my son will no longer love to play dinosaurs with me. All too soon the days of morning snuggles, sharing a bowl of cereal (even though his own bowl is literally a foot from mine), the chocolate milk negotiations, falling asleep in my arms as we walk from the park….all of these things are temporary and we will miss them with a vengeance when they are gone.

I will read those countless bedtime stories. I will pick up every single toy and although I’ll grumble a bit, I’m secretly glad that he’s still little and he still needs me.

The woes of motherhood.

Mason & Fianna

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