The Poverty Industry – Foster Care

To add to the outrage, a lot of that stolen was once yours. Your taxes that is.


Book Review “Magic Beach” T. Johnson

Magic Beach's target audience is roughly upper elementary and lower middle school age. I say this with a bit of hesitation because I feel like it could fit a broader age range depending on the child. I read it to my almost three year old son and he ate it up.

Book Review “Private Lucky” Melissa Guzzetta

Knowing what is to come, I found reading the pre-war Holland section difficult. Since this is the true story of a very real man's life, the usual detachment I have as a reader was stripped and I cringed at the tales of Hank's boyhood adventures. If only his life could have continued to be full of pranks and mooning over airplanes.

Five Star Review List

The following is a list of all books that AlliesOpinions rated the full five stars. They are listed by the year the review took place. (For books rated after 2015, click the year to be taken to that years list) *This page is under construction.* 2015                   

Book Review “Out of the Tower” Alison Gray

Jemima Forbes is seven years when a mysterious event occurs and her father and uncle disappear from her life one night. She spends her growing years obsessing about this and when she is old enough, leaves home to find out what happened. Out of the Tower was shortlisted for the Constable Trophy 1992, a competition for the best unpublished novel by a writer from the North of England. It was described by the judges as: powerful, strong, heartfelt, admirably tense, a work of great promise and individuality, carefully thought out and with subtlety, deftness and poetic nature of idiom.