BOTBC #4 “The Truth Beyond The Sky” Wins!

AlliesOpinions Battle Of The Book Cover has broken from it’s previous weeks lull and come away with a clear winner. We had a lot more participation this time and the people have spoken! 

“The Truth Beyond The Sky” is the winner!


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Andrew M. Crusoe is the author of “The Truth Beyond The Sky”. AlliesOpinions reviewed the first two books in his “The Epic Of Aravinda” series. Check out the reviews below:

The Truth Beyond The Sky Review

The Island On The Edge Of Forever Review

Mr. Crusoe’s third book is scheduled to be reviewed soon so keep an eye out!

AlliesOpinions is happy to assist Indie Authors in their literary quest and will be featuring a variety of books. If books are on your shopping list (and honestly everyone should buy at least one) look no further! Every book featured on BOTBC or any other promotional post has been read and reviewed before promoting. We are happy to wade through the muck to assist in your journey to find amazing stories!

So, keep an eye out for Andrew’s Book Spotlight and consider shopping for Indie books this holiday season.



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