Battle Of The Book Cover #6

Hello everyone! Welcome to AlliesOpinions


How does it work? Well, I will pit two different book covers against each other and you must judge which book you would most likely pick up based ONLY on the cover!  Don’t forget to explain your choice.

The winner gets a free book spotlight! If shopping small is on your list of must haves…..look no further and buy Indie! Self-published means that your dollars go to the author and not some gigantic publishing company!

Put your vote in the comments!

   Heirs Of Eternity Cover   Runs Good No Reverse Cover

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May the odds be ever in your favor!



9 thoughts on “Battle Of The Book Cover #6

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  2. Runs Good, No Reverse. The cover says to me I might get a heartfelt, quirky story with some humor, a character whose mind I might find appealing, and a plot and relationships that resonate longer than two minutes after reading The End. However, Heirs of Eternity does have a sci-fi feel, and I am a fan, just moreso of the movie genre than written. Two cents complete.


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