Undeterred “KKK Witness, KKK Target” Tracey Brame

Tracey Brame took an oath to serve the nation at the United States Military Academy. When she revealed an interest in entering politics during formation, a cadet violently attacked her. Brame subsequently suffered post-traumatic stress disorder and a dangerous memory loss known as dissociative amnesia, in which the victim cannot recall suffering a traumatic attack. She kept charging through her West Point duties oblivious to her condition.

After serving her commission time, Brame took a job back in her home state of Indiana. Again she expressed an interest in entering politics, and again she paid a price. The Ku Klux Klan, who did not want an educated African American woman to run for an Indiana office, targeted Brame for continued, organizational crime and harassment. She moved from Bloomington to Indianapolis, but the KKK pursuit—ordered by two grand dragons, a father/son duo, both doctors—continued.

Get ready for a gripping memoir of one woman’s perseverance over adversity.

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The first thing that I am going to do before I begin my review is give you fair warning. This book could be triggering to a lot of people. Before you pick it up, I’m going to give you an idea of what’s inside.

Brutal Rape

Physical Abuse

Mental Abuse



Attempted Murder


Domestic Terrorism

Brame does not hold back and thoroughly depicts each situation in detail. This is a memoir and her story is deeply troubling and upsetting. While I fully support her endeavor to bring these issues to the fore-front of society, I want those of you who aren’t ready to face this kind of trigger to have the chance to back away.

That said, I think Brame is an incredible woman. Her bravery knows no bounds and her steel determination is awe inspiring. I am in complete awe of this woman and all she has rose above. Brame’s story is gruesome and disturbing. However, her story is one that should be told to everyone. We should all see humanity in all it’s forms.

There are parts of this book where the narration feels a bit detached but it fits well with the mindset that Brame would of experienced. It’s a chilling look into the reality of just how many cruel people there really are among us. I applaud Brame’s bravery to write and publish this book. Especially since she has endured every intimidation tactic known to man for it’s release to be prevented. I hope that those of you who know racist people stand up against them. In my mind these people deserve to be shamed. Society should stand up at every opportunity to ostracize these horrid people among us.  

Brame chronicles her repeated attacks from her ex boyfriend. His repeated attempts to destroy her life as well as his attempt to murder her are shiver inducing. A lot of women have encountered an insane man and some have not lived to tell their tale. It’s a very real and terrifying part of our society that needs to be stopped immediately. This man should never of had the opportunities to continue his torture. Something is very broken in our society.

There is one scene that I will never get out of mind. It’s the shower scene. You’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when you read it. I can’t imagine how that must of felt. This story will never leave my mind. Brame’s story will forever fire between the synapses in my brain. This story has absolutely changed my outlook. I hope it inspires change in yours.

5 stars.

5 stars

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The Technical Data:

Title: Undeterred – KKK Target, KKK Witness | Series: N/A |  Author(s): Tracey Brame  |Publisher: Amazon Digital Services / Publication Date: 6-7-2017 |Pages: 347 (Print) | ISBN:  B071G8BWC9 |Genre(s): Memoir |Language: English |Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Date Read: 5-24-2017 |Source: Copy from author.

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