The “Alt-Left”

It’s funny that the whole “Alt – Left” thing is even a thing. I mean, it’s like a Twilight Zone episode.


Imagine, if you will, a group of people who care about others so much they don’t want people to starve or be homeless or tortured and imprisoned for who they love. Imagine a world where those carers dare to claim that all people should have healthcare regardless of if they have money!


I mean, how are we at a place as a species where that’s demonized? How are we at a place where we think it’s totes fine to deport a child immediately after she’s had surgery even though she’s been here since she was a toddler? How are we at a place where we value each other so little that we dehumanize anyone who was born on another piece of the planet than you?


Sometimes I feel like I was born at the wrong time or maybe in the wrong country. I don’t know which. Something is definitely amiss though. I’m so far left I don’t even think we should have borders. I literally don’t get why people are so territorial. I mean, it blows my mind that people deny other people the basic necessities of life if they don’t have money. Your life’s worth is directly connected to money. It blows my mind that anyone anywhere is absolutely alright with this. 


I’m so far left I think that if we just have to use a monetary system (which I’m not really convinced is the right path) everyone should have a basic income. I also think that any education should be free and available to anyone. I honestly believe that people should work at what they have a passion and aptitude for and not just to make the most money. 

I really think that government policies should be solely based on evidence. 


If you’re wondering what got me on this rant it was of course the comment section on Facebook. I guess I like to torture myself or something but I did a real stupid thing and I clicked on the comments on a post that a local Fox News station had about that little girl who is being deported after her surgery. One guy compared this sweet little girl to rats. It made me cry to read that. My husband just shook his head and told me I shouldn’t read those since I get so upset every time I do. 

I kinda feel like I have to read those comments sometimes though. It’s like I have to call these people out. I know it doesn’t really do any good but I do it anyway. At least I’ve done something.



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