Repeat Offender – Books I’ve Re-Read

Today, I’m going to share a wee little secret with you. I re-read books. I do it a lot. A whole lot y’all. Way more often than I’m proud to admit. I’ve re-read some of my books so many times I’ve had to replace them due to spine wear. I’ve read some of my books so many times my fingers rubbed parts of the cover off from my holding it. There is absolutely no feeling like diving into the stack of ol’ faithful. I know these stories so well I could probably quote the pages from memory.

You’re probably thinking these have got to be some ground breaking, mind-bendingly amazing books. They actually aren’t though. Most of them were published way before I was born. A good number of them might even be considered as cheesy. That’s kind of the point. When I burrow into the predictable, it’s like wrapping myself in the fuzziest blanket imaginable with a nice warm cup of tea. It’s bliss.

Today, I’ll introduce you to one of the authors that make up the majority of ol’ faithful. I hope you can find the same comfort from her that I have.

Her name is Victoria Holt.

I originally found this book at a yard sale in Arkansas when I was seventeen. A friend and I were down there visiting her father for a few weeks during summer break. It’s got some pretty sexist tropes but all in all it’s a good story. I love the history. I love most of the characters even though many of them are deeply flawed. I can’t really put my finger on why this book speaks to me the way it does. By all rights, it shouldn’t. Some mysteries will never be solved I guess.

I found this one at that same yard sale in Arkansas. I suppose seventeen year old me was quite the romantic. This one is a bit better written than the other. Nora is a character I think about often. This book brought the beauty of Australia to my attention and I’ve yet to lose the wonder I feel with each new thing I learn about that mind blowing country. When I get to the last page of this story, I always close the book with the same sense of satisfaction I had the very first time. It’s had it’s claws into me for over a decade and probably always will.

Have you read either of these books? What are your repeat offenders?

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