Word of the Day – Countenance

Here at AlliesOpinions, we love words! We especially love when those words are carefully selected and wove together to create the best stories of our lives. Language is important and words have meaning so we’ve decided that adding to our vocabulary is a must. There are a million ways to communicate so why not do it in the most vibrant way you can? We hope you enjoy our selections!



1a: LOOKEXPRESSION… a countenance which expressed both good humor and intelligence …— Sir Walter Scott b: mental composure… startled, and also somewhat out of countenance.— Arnold Bennett c: calm expression. He managed to keep his countenance through the ordeal.

2: FACEVISAGE especiallythe face as an indication of mood, emotion, or character. The photograph showed his somber countenance.

3: bearing or expression that offers approval or sanctionmoral support… her countenance of their unsafe amusements …— Jane Austen



What is your favorite word? Let us know in the comments!

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