Book Roulette – France

One of the greatest benefits of reading is that you get to see the world through someone else’s eyes. I’ve made it a goal this year to read and review a wider variety of stories. I have reviewed books written in a few countries other than the U.S. in the past but, I would really like to pick the pace up on that a bit this year. So, I figured the best way would be to use a random place generator and wherever it dropped me is where I would pick a book from.

The first place that popped up was in the U.S. so I hit next and this beautiful street in France popped up. I went back through some of my reviews and I can’t find a single book that was written in France or by someone who is French. YAY!

The next step is to go through my existing free book review submission list and see if any of the books there meet this new criteria. I’m really excited and I hope this turns into something enriching!

Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Book Roulette – France

  1. If you like crime fiction or mysteries, you may like Georges Simenon’s novels.

    If you like classics, there’s Victor Hugo, who wrote that book that was adapted into “Les Miz”. 🙂

    And, if you’re into existentialism, try Jean-Paul Sartre! 🙂 Great stuff.

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