Audiobooks -VS- ADHD

I’ve recently seen a large increase in book bloggers reviewing audiobooks. I love reading all the reviews and am more than a little jealous that so many people get so much enjoyment from something I just can’t. I’ve tried y’all.

I’ve tried to listen while I do laundry. Which I spend way too much of my life doing since I have three children who feel they absolutely must change their outfits at minimum three times a day. I digress…

I think of all the time I could have for reading if only I could just listen while doing chores and I could weep for all those missed stories. Friends of mine have bragged about all the extra reading they’ve done. All the TBR lists that get shorter while mine lags. All the times someone wants to talk about this mind blowing book they just read but can’t discuss it with me since I haven’t got to it yet. So many people praising the audiobook gods.

I just can’t do it. The first time I tried was in the car. Even with my ADHD meds, I couldn’t fix my mind on the story. I just about drove my husband crazy with the amount of times I had to restart. (because this time I was going to focus, damn it!)

My husband, (who has problems reading print books due to dyslexia) really enjoys audiobooks now. I’m grateful for his sake. His being able to read all the stories I make reference to in just everyday conversation has deepened our relationship. Which honestly, after ten years of marriage, I didnt expect. Reading has always been a separate hobby I’ve had that he couldn’t relate to. Now though, its opened his eyes to a whole new world. I’m extremely happy for him. It’s been a absolute delight to see first hand how finding books affects someone. On that note, that’s one of my favorite parts about homeschooling. I get to see my kids fall in love with stories. I get to see the excitment of learning about the world from a brand new person. Its fantastic.

For a bit I thought maybe it was the narration. Maybe that particular style just wasn’t clicking. I did some poking about and found five very different books with five very different narration styles. I even tried a middle grade book I’ve actually already read to see if maybe that would be different. It wasn’t. The talking starts and tab after tab opened in my brain. That’s how I visualize what it’s like inside my head. Tabs. Sometimes a rolodex.

I discussed the issue with my doctor to see if a medication adjustment would be beneficial but my current meds seem to be working for me in pretty much every other aspect of life. She gave me some information for different techniques to try. I gave it my best without success.

To add to my woe, it’s also difficult for me to focus on ebooks. Its usually why I rarely buy an ebook. It’s also why my bedroom is almost wall to wall bookshelves. Which I’m not at all complaining about because it feels like I live in a library and isn’t that the dream??!!

I fear the land of audiobooks is lost to me.


8 thoughts on “Audiobooks -VS- ADHD

  1. The struggle is real! I used to be able to listen to an entire book in one sitting but now it’s about ten minutes before my mind wanders, it’s a special kind of frustration – I empathise!

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  2. I agree, but I find I can listen to come audio books but I only listen to a chapter at a time. Have you heard of blinkist that’s a great way to listen to just the best bits. X


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