Beta Reading / Proofreading Services

Here at AlliesOpinions we now offer Beta and Proofreading services for authors.

When I beta read, there are a mountain of things that I look for but, there are a few main points on which I focus.

  • Character Development
  • Plot – set up / development
  • Settings Description
  • World Building
  • Emotional Attachment
  • Is this book memorable?
  • Loose threads – was something left unexplained or open with no conclusion

I do check for grammar mishaps and keep an eye out for typos.

It’s important to always have your book beta-read by someone who enjoys the genre in which your book falls. For this reason, AlliesOpinions will screen any book offered before agreeing to provide any service for that book. We also reserve the right to refuse services for any reason. Any payment made for a book AlliesOpinions revokes services for will be refunded in full. 

These services are usually priced on a case by case basis. However, we usually charge between $0.95 cents to $1.00 per every 1,000 words.  If you would be interested in these services please contact us at to discuss. 


Good, savvy critiques are essential for writers, but good, savvy critics are hard to find. The gods well know my woes in this department. Time and again I’ve sent manuscripts off to be evaluated, only to get in return a few half-cooked notes from a reviewer who’s obviously done no more than indifferently skim my work or plug it into some kind of editing formula. Worse yet is the reviewer who can’t seem to keep his or her personal issues out of a review. Argh! It’s discouraging.

Enter Allie.

Allie gets books. She gets writers. She enters a book on its own terms, approaching it through her broad knowledge of genres, while allowing its author to breathe creatively. She’ll tell you when she thinks you’re stretching the rules beyond what’s acceptable, and then offer learned suggestions for how to fix the problem. She’s intuitive, thorough, smart, and honest. I’m relieved to have found her and have no doubt that her beta readings make my books better. Allie is at the very top of my list.

Brian Kindall