Book Reviews – Quick List

Please be patient with me as I work to organize my book reviews by year. This may take some time so you may not find your books listing. Please feel free to use the search bar to locate specific titles.

2015 Five Star Review List


“Cinder” – Marissa Meyer

“The Golden Spark” – John Royce

“A Vagrant at the House of Love” – John Horan

“Reaperlands Part 1” – Roy Burdine

“Good Riddance” – Whitney Fay & Collin Parker

“Eclipsed by Shadow” – John Royce

“The Keeper and the Rulership” – Emily Martha Sorensen

“Eboracum: The Village” – Graham Clews

“Simply The Wildside” – Amber Joy

“Kyle Evans and the Key to the Universe” – Rob H. Hunt

“Chewy Noh and the Phantasm of Winter” – Tim Learn

“Not Your Mother’s Goose” – Topher Groggin

“He Made Me Laugh” – Sheronda L. Barksdale

“Silverwood” – Jule Owen

“Just Married Again” – Charlotte Hughes

“Touched By A Phoenix” – Sophia Byron

“The Island On The Edge Of Forever” – Andrew Crusoe

“Lessons From The Underground: Book 1” – Not Us

“Britain At War 1939 – 1945: What Was Life Like During The War?” – James Lingard

“Whisper Of The Woods” – D. G. Driver

“A Treasure of Bone and Promises” – Hob Goodfellowe

“Because You’ll Never Meet Me” – Leah Thomas

“The Insect Hotel” – David Stringer (Children’s Book)

“Where Death Is A Hunter” – Christopher Stookey

“A Frog In The Bog” – Karma Wilson

“The Lonely Leaf” – Theresa Jacobs 

“Clean” – Mia Kerick

“Smashing” – M. Constantine 

“Delilah Dusticle’s Transylvanian Advenures” – A. J. York

“Fairest: The Lunar Chronicles” – Marissa Meyer

“The Three Graces” – Michele Wolfe

“Life After the Undead” – Pembroke Sinclair

“Stick and Stone” – Beth Ferry & Tom Lichtenheld (Children’s Book)

“The Cabin” – Angela Shori

“The Dean Machine” – Dylan Lee Peters

“Delilah Dusticle” – A.J. York

“Sol of the Coliseum”– Adam Gaylord

“The Free Brontosaurus” – David Berkeley

“Inequality: What Everyone Needs to Know” – James K. Galbraith

“The Split Part 1” – Noel Thomas Fiems

“VisionSight” – Connie Lacy

“Walk In The Flesh”– Peter Bailey

“The Unknown Soldier” – Alan Robertshaw

“The Hydra” – Graham Stull

“Mondo Bohemiano” – Quentin J. Parker

“In Gallup, Greed” – Tower Lowe

“The Uncommitted” – Margaret M. Goss

“The Mine” – John A. Heldt

“Aerisia : Field Of Battle” – Sarah Ashwood

“Angels and Avalon” – Catherine Milos

“Christmapus – The Christmas Octopus” – Paul Mattingly

“The Maze Runner” – James Dashner

“The Pharaoh’s Cat” – Maria Luisa Lang

“Good Globe: Time For A Change Of Hemisphere” – Shelby Simpson

“A Bridge Apart” – Joey Jones

“The Women of The Rose” – Dorothy Gibbons

“Irony: The Animal” – Robert Shroud

“Aerisia: Gateway to the Underworld” – Sarah Ashwood

“The Cresecren Chronicles” – Crystal Marcos

“Tales from Christmas in the South” – Caren Rich

“A Treasure to Die For” – Richard Houston

“Little Elfie One” – Pamela Jane

“Dreams of Beautiful Whisper” – Tanya Jones

“Little Goblins Ten” – Pamela Jane ( Children’s Book )

“Halloween Night” – Arden Druce ( Children’s Book )

“Cry of the Sea” – D.G. Driver

“Passing Notes”– D.G. Driver

“The Fault in our Stars” – John Green

“Juliet’s Journey” – Kathy Gates

“The Dead and the Gone” – Susan Beth Pfeffer

“Night-Night Forest Friends” – Annie Bach ( Children’s Book )

“Black 21” – Nancy Glynn

“Mercy’s Prince” – Katy Huth Jones

“Yertle the Turtle” – Dr. Seuss ( Children’s Book )

“Manufractured” – Paul A. Trinetti

“The Heart Goes Last” – Margaret Atwood

“The Truth Beyond The Sky” – Andrew M. Crusoe

“A Boo-tiful Halloween” – Angela Shori ( Children’s Book )

“Mercy’s Gift” – Katy Huth Jones

“The Boy Who Fell From The Sky” – Jule Owen

“Hooray For Diffendoofer Day” – Dr. Seuss

“Janalya” – Marie Godley

“Cold Water Bride-Groom” – B. Brumley

“After Dad” – Ralph Cohen

“Treasure of the Black Hole” – S. Evan Townsend

“Dream Student” – J. J. DiBenedetto

“Annalise’s Up and Down Day” – Denise L. Jenne ( Children’s Book )

“Dream Doctor” – J. J. Dibenedetto

“Hokey Pokey Pirates” – Peyton King

“Aerisia – Land Beyond the Sunset” – Sarah Ashwood

“The Betrayal Of KA” – Shea R. Oliver

“Blue Flamingo” – Joyce V. Harrison

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