Trauma, Shame & The Power Of Love

There is a reason books that recount the regrets and advice of the dying strike so deep a chord: people who have nothing left to lose can tell their stories with a sincerity and unpretentiousness we crave but that is all too rare. In “Trauma, Shame, and the Power of Love,” Christopher Pelloski relates his own downfall from a prominent physician-scientist in the field of radiation oncology in a similarly candid way.


Book Review “Trauma, Shame And The Power Of Love” Christopher E. Pelloski, MD

Pelloski, in my mind, is a great champion for this cause. His knowledge of medicine and his first hand experiences combine to shine a beacon of light on this neglected problem society has swiftly condemned without any real thought on the deeper problems. All issues in society are layered. It's important to remember this if we want change. Nothing is ever simple.

Book Review “Private Lucky” Melissa Guzzetta

Knowing what is to come, I found reading the pre-war Holland section difficult. Since this is the true story of a very real man's life, the usual detachment I have as a reader was stripped and I cringed at the tales of Hank's boyhood adventures. If only his life could have continued to be full of pranks and mooning over airplanes.