“Diary of a Security Guard at Area 51” H. E. Culver #BookSpotlight

Melissa is 26, utterly bored, and isn’t far off from ending it all with a nail gun. 

Her witty, dry and twisted sense of humour gets her through each day. Her diary is an insight to where the ordinary meets the extraordinary, and every desk assessment and alien invasion in-between. Will she reach a truce with Sandra, her arch-rival? 

Will she be able to ditch Colin? And can she coax Fran away from turning into a complete psychopath?

Diary area 51 Cover

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Diary of a Security Guard at Area 51: Twisted, Hilarious Fictional
Memoir Spills Top Secret Beans of Calamity…

Masterfully crafted from the boundless humour and creativity of Helen Culver, ‘Diary of a Security Guard at Area 51’ embroils readers in the life of Melissa – a bored, disenchanted security guard at the world’s most secure air base. But her life is far from secure, playing out more like an intricate sitcom where every aspect is bastardized with gripping aplomb. Expect love, pranks, kidnapping and even alien viruses…


United Kingdom – While most authors use their debut release to do nothing but simply test the literary waters, the UK’s Helen Culver is rapidly proving that a first book also presents an opportunity to break new ground. In fact, the clunks, shakes and quivers of her readers can befelt from coast to coast…

Everything unravels in ‘Diary of a Security Guard at Area 51’, which mixes up a cocktail of a fictional memoir, science fiction, comedy and even a touch of romance – all exploding in an unforgettable read based around the lives of those guarding one of the world’s most secretive


“Through Melissa’s eyes, we explore a colourful and utterly shocking cast of characters who, while supposedly responsible for some of the U.S. Military’s most dangerous and expensive assets, appear to have zero order to their own lives!” explains the author. “From bad relationships and pranks to an eventual kidnapping, brush with aliens and the spread of an extra-terrestrial virus, readers will be pushed to the limits of what their imaginations can handle.” Continuing, “Of course, in the end, it’s all designed to be a good bit of fun. I’ve always been fascinated by how Area 51 and its personnel are kept so secret and elusive…so decided to put my own unique spin on what their lives may be like if we actually got a chance to see into them. Who knows – perhaps it’s all true!”

With the volume’s demand increasing, interested readers are urged to secure their copies without delay.

*Press Review Copies are Available Upon Request
*Helen Culver is Available for Interviews

Helen Culver
Email: troypublishing@gmail.com


Booklist – Kid Zone!

Every family has their list of holiday traditions. We incorporate books into every holiday and it’s greatly anticipated by the kiddies. They both have a decent little library budding and the absolute joy on their face when they unwrap a brand new story brings me to tears every single time. Watching my children discover new worlds and gain new heroes is something I will forever treasure. What follows is a few selections from the wish list my kids have made. I hope you find a great story to share and a new world for your little explorer. 


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Ferdinand Cover

   All the other bulls run, jump, and butt their heads together in fights. Ferdinand, on the other hand, would rather sit and smell the flowers. So what will happen when Ferdinand is picked for the bullfights in Madrid?
 The Story of Ferdinand has inspired, enchanted, and provoked readers ever since it was first published in 1936 for its message of nonviolence and pacifism. In WWII times, Adolf Hitler ordered the book burned in Nazi Germany, while Joseph Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union, granted it privileged status as the only non-communist children’s book allowed in Poland.

The Giving Tree Cover

Since it was first published fifty years ago, Shel Silverstein’s poignant picture book for readers of all ages has offered a touching interpretation of the gift of giving and a serene acceptance of another’s capacity to love in return.





Only One You CoverThere’s only one you in this great big world. Make it a better place. Adri’s mama and papa share some of the wisdom they have gained through the years with their eager son. Their words, simple and powerful, are meant to comfort and guide him as he goes about exploring the world. This exquisitely illustrated book explodes with color and honest insights. Kranz’s uniquely painted rockfish, set against vibrant blue seas, make an unforgettable and truly special impression. Only One You will inspire parents and children of all ages as they swim through the sea of life.

Book list

Nasty Comments & Crazy People


       I would say that this must be the week of the crazies but honestly I seem to draw a fair amount of them most of the time. Usually the nasty comments are mostly on Twitter but it seems they’ve migrated to my blog. Damn it Yay! 


Wondering why you haven’t seen them? BAN HAMMERED those bastards I don’t approve nasty comments. If you just disagree with me on a book or a subject I won’t censor your comment but if it’s advocating violence or you cussing me out….yeah, I’m probably not going to let it post. 

           I got one the other day on my post about Oklahoma Turnpikes from forever ago (way to creep my page weirdo) that called me a bitch and told me if I didn’t like how things worked I should start ‘slaughtering politicians’…… Uhm…. holy shit this guy has lost his fucking mind Wow that guy is unhinged. I do not now or ever suggest that anyone “slaughters” anyone else….ever. He went from 0 to ape shit immediately.  Calm the heck down bro! Take a chill pill ( do people still say that?). I’d rather just vote out politicians whose policies I don’t agree with. Killing them is a bit harsh…I mean…if I killed every person I didn’t agree with….there wouldn’t be many people left. Plus, I’m a lover not a fighter. Peace is an actual solution people. Oh, and as of now, I’m still legally allowed to complain when politicians do stuff I don’t like. So, I think I’ll raise my voice and not a weapon because murder is a big fucking deal and I’m not about to take someone’s life over the dollar or so I have to pay to drive on a road. I mean, get perspective. 


As if that wasn’t crazy enough, I’ve received about 20 emails from some guy pervert  asking me to review his graphic erotic novel……NO means NO fella. Just….read my damn review policy and these types of crazy situations won’t happen. When I said no he got his panties in a bunch upset and said it’s my fault his book can’t get any reviews…..dude, I’m not responsible for what other reviewers are telling you. 

To top all of that off, when I was mowing my backyard yesterday a rabid probably rabies infested tiny mouse ran up my BARE LEG till he got to the edge of my shorts and ran back down and away. So, I’m probably going to die thankful he didn’t decide inside my shorts looked like a path he wanted to take. 


Oh, and I found a dead mole on my doorstep this morning. So, yeah. Good times.


“That Book I Wrote About Me” by Sarah Buchanan

After three ex-husbands, two successful novels, and one disastrous book she’d rather forget ever having written, Fiona Fields has hit a wall. Days once filled with critics gushing over her latest masterpiece have given way to endless hours spent lying on her living room floor in Lakeview Valley, the tiny North Carolina mountain town of her youth, and staring at her ceiling. 

But after Fiona’s agent calls with an opportunity intended to drag her back into the land of the living, Fiona finds herself inspired by her ex-step-daughter, Karen, and she’s soon off and running with a brand new idea for a book and a brand new lease on life (sort of).

What Fiona doesn’t anticipate is long-buried family secrets revealing themselves and threatening to upend her newfound momentum. As she struggles to make sense of revelations about the life she thought she knew, Fiona will find that the past often shows up in the present in very unexpected ways, and that, try as she might, she’s not exempt from the 215-year-old Lakeview tradition of long-forgotten secrets coming to light in spectacular fashion.

that book i wrote about me Cover

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Sarah Buchanan’s debut novel “That Book I Wrote About Me” is bursting at the seams with classic small time charm, beautifully flawed characters and a story that will make you wish Fiona were your best friend.

Fiona has been through a lot but she always rises above. It may not be without some pushing and shoving but nothing keeps Fiona down long. She’s strong, but not so much in your face about it. She makes mistakes. Drunken, hilariously awkward mistakes…..but her oopsies make her all the more lovable since she really means no harm in her blunders. She’s real and honest and raw. Unlike her mother and the stereotypical small town woman, Fiona lets the world see who she really is. She doesn’t hide the proverbial crazy.

My favorite thing about Fiona is her golden heart. Those she loves, she loves hard. Ex-husbands, ex-step daughters….everyone. She genuinely gives a crap about their lives. Even when, by all rights she could walk away completely. She’s that ex that becomes the friend that made you fall in love with her to begin with.

There is a part of the book where Fiona tapes up a picture of her first ex that sticks in my mind. First loves are a whirlwind of emotion that lingers no matter how things end. Probably more so when there’s no real closure. Watching Fiona comb through her past and work through old hurts really resonated with me. We’ve all thought “What if”. We’ve all sifted through our past with plenty of cringes and a boat load of sighs. Experiencing those alongside Fiona was therapeutic in a way books like this usually aren’t. I think it was the authenticity of Fiona’s character. It was the authenticity of her resentment and bitterness. It was the healing and forgiving of everyone…..especially herself. It takes a lot of bravery to analyze yourself and admit that you messed up. Especially when your mistakes cause other people more pain than you initially thought it would and you find yourself face to face with the consequences others are facing from your blunder. Fiona faces this with as much grace as a hang over will allow but she means what she says and that right there is enough to make you love her. Apologies are just words unless you can really see that the person who messed up is filled with regret and remorse.

To see such strong work from a new author is exciting to say the least. What’s more exciting is “That Book I Wrote About Me” is the first novel in the “Lakeview Valley” series. Buchanan hooked me with this book and I am staying on the line to find out what’s next for our bumbling Fiona as well as the whole of Lakeview. I strongly recommend you hop on the hook and join me.

5 stars!

5 stars

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The Technical Data:

Title: That Book I Wrote About Me | Series: Lakeview Valley |  Author(s): Sarah Buchanan  |Publisher: Amazon Digital Services / Publication Date: 6-9-2017 |Pages: 234 (Print) | ISBN:  B071PBSMNP |Genre(s): Contemporary / Women’s Fiction |Language: English |Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Date Read: 7-14-2017 |Source: Copy from author.

that book i wrote about me Cover



Book Review “Bizzarma – How I Became A Hippy Without Really Trying” Douglas B. Wood


Bizzarma is a true story that spans from the 1950’s “Leave it to Beaver” American Dream era to the political and drug charged 1960’s and 1970’s. Hyped by iconic musicians like The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan; Doug went where the wind blew him and experienced the world with LSD bright eyes. This baby-boomer fell into a world rife with discord and did his best to make his own mark on the era. Sometimes hilarious, very colorful and painfully honest – Doug narrates his life for the world. 

(Note: Since there is no summary on Amazon, I wrote my own version.)


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I would like to begin by making a few of my concerns about this book known. First is the cover, obviously it’s a lot of naked people. I hope that those who are in this picture were asked and approved this picture to be shared with the masses.While the picture is blurry and faces are not easy to make out, a picture like this could mean the end of someone’s career. I believe that the people in the picture were happy to be photographed all those years ago, but their opinions may not be as open now. I am also aware that most people in this picture are probably considered elderly and may not of been easy to contact. I strongly advise the author to choose a different cover. In my opinion, this cover is misleading and could turn away people who would otherwise of enjoyed the story. The person reading this would have to consider (due to the nudity) that this is not a book that can be read everywhere.  My second concern is that this book has no summary listed on Amazon and the book isn’t listed at all on Goodreads. These oversights will cost Doug exposure and make it hard for consumers to make informed choices. 

Doug has a real gift for storytelling and I love his style of narration. It felt very much like sitting in someones living room and having a conversation. I especially enjoyed the pictures! It’s always good to have a face to put with the name. (As long as its approved)  His disregard for the educational system is understood and I feel for all the adults in his life who were trying desperately to convince him to get his diploma. While the educational system has many flaws it is still an important institution in our society. I am too young to know much about how the educational system operated then but I can imagine that it, like now, had its flaws.

Another thing I would like to point out is the honestly with which Doug speaks of drugs. He clearly disregarded the long term or even short term risks while taking them and as a young man I understood that it was hard for him to think much past his current state. I wonder how odd it felt for him to write those passages in the story. Did he, as an adult, look back on his young self and cringe as most of us would today? He could have fallen deep into addiction but didn’t. When I speak of drugs, I am mainly talking about the LSD. I don’t consider Marijuana a drug, dangerous or addictive. 

Religion, to me, is another kind of addiction. I would like to thank Doug for his candor in explaining his delusions. Since he was deep in the thralls of LSD, I find it hard to take much of what he said about the “physic” at face value. What gets me is that while in the mental hospital, after coming down from the LSD, his delusions of religion persisted but the rest of his mind appeared sharp. I found that interesting and appreciate the look into that mindset that Doug gave.

One great lesson that I learned from this book was how we can change who someone really is in our minds. We create this ideal of who they are because we want them to be a certain way. Often these delusions are incorrect and very unfair to all parties.

Something I would like to see from this author is his perspective on  more current events. With his experiences, how does he feel about the direction the political winds have shifted? Maybe “The Baby Boomers Thoughts” or something fun like that. *hint* *hint* 

I enjoy reading memoirs. I enjoy learning about another person’s experiences. I enjoy riding along as they hit their lows and their highs. It’s fascinating to me to see how each person overcomes obstacles in different ways. 

Doug sounds like a very interesting person and his sense of humor is entertaining to say the least. What a personality!

4 stars!

4 star

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The Technical Data:

Title: Bizzarma – How I Became A Hippy Without Really Trying | Series: N/A  |  Author(s): Douglas B. Wood  |Publisher:  Alpha Graphics / Publication Date: 2009 |Pages: 244 (Print) | ISBN: B006KHPF5W  |Genre(s): Hippy & Memoirs |Language: English |Rating: 4 out of 5 |  Date Read: 12-05-2016 |Source: Copy from author.

Book Review “Moonstone Beach” Linda Seed

Butterfly background image

Kate Bennet owns a small bookstore in Cambria, California—the kind of shop that smells like mildew, furniture wax, and old pages, the kind where you’ll find a cat napping atop the used biographies. Two years out from a divorce that left her emotionally fragile, Kate is starting to think that maybe she’s ready for love again—or at least for a fling with a hot man. Jackson Graham is a local chef who’s controlling when it comes to food, careless when it comes to women, and temperamental when it comes to just about everything. When Kate’s friends mobilize to set things up between Kate and Jackson, she expects some casual pleasure followed by a hasty goodbye, but Jackson’s long-term crush on Kate means that he’s in this one to win. The problem is, neither he nor Kate knows whether he can change the self-defeating habits that usually send women scurrying for the door as soon as the afterglow fades. Throw in a beautiful backdrop of rocky beaches and rugged coastline, a manipulative father, a Mary Kay–pushing stepmother, a yapping Pomeranian, and a nervous ring-tailed lemur, and you’ve got Moonstone Beach, the first contemporary romance in a series of four about Kate and her friends, Gen, Lacy, and Rose.


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“Moonstone Beach” is what I would call the perfect beach (or poolside) read. Each character is like someone you know (or wish you did). Cambria sounds like a beautiful little town and the camaraderie of those who inhabit it brings a coziness to the story.  

Seed writes her characters lovingly. From Kate’s inner circle to those who skim it each encounter is written with the aura of love. It’s clear that these characters hold significance to Seed and her love for them will bleed to the reader almost from page one.  

While the story is reliably romantic it’s also pretty funny in places. There aren’t any real surprises. That’s not to say that the story is dull because it definitely isn’t. Those who favor this genre will guess the ending fairly easy. It’s a feel good book and it does it’s job well. 

Seed set the groundwork for the next book in this one in a really clever way. No cliff hangers but a little look into who the next main characters may be. I will definitely buy the next book.

The story is sweet and realistic. The characters lovable and genuine. The tourist picturesque setting is a perfect back drop for the romance and brings a real softness and summery feel to the story. I had the whole range of warm fuzzies while reading and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I loved the familiarity of this book and rate it at 5 stars.

5 stars

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The Technical Data:

Title: Moonstone Beach | Series: Main Street Merchchants  |  Author(s): Linda Seed  |Publisher: Create Space Independent Publishing / Publication Date: 10-21-2015 |Pages: 286 (Print) | ISBN:  978-1518628917  |Genre(s): Romance / Romantic Comedy |Language: English |Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Date Read: 11-4-2016 |Source: Copy from author.

About The Author


Linda Seed is a former journalist with more than 15 years in the news business at publications including the San Diego Union-Tribune and the Ventura County Star. She began writing fiction at age 16, and published her first novel more than thirty years later. She works as a freelance fiction editor for independent authors. Linda lives in Riverside County, California, with her husband, art writer John Seed, and their three children.

Delivering Virtue – Odyssey of the West!


Hilariously inappropriate, squirmingly irreverent, and oddly charming, DELIVERING VIRTUE will deliver you on an epic journey out of your comfort zone and into a mystical transcendence you didn’t see coming.

Didier Rain, bumbling ne’er-do-well and dissolute poet, is hired by The Church of the Restructured Truth to deliver a child-bride across the American frontier of 1854 to their prophet Nehi in his stronghold at the City of Rocks. The landscape is rife with hooligans, carnal temptations, and acts of God or Mother Nature that threaten to avert Rain from fulfilling the righteous prophecy.
 “A tragicomic story, Delivering Virtue employs biting social commentary and stinging critiques of a variety of religious faiths with Chaucerian ribaldry. Threads of satire are skillfully woven into a tapestry of humor and pathos, magical realism and historical fact, along with swashbuckling adventure, depraved violence, and moments of heartrending tenderness.” – Clarion Foreword Reviews
Delivering Virtue New Cover
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This book has been personally reviewed by AlliesOpinions! We found it to be entertaining and would explain it as the Odyssey of the west! Check out our review!

Delivering Virtue Review

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Review Stats

Amazon: 4.5 stars!

Goodreads: 5 stars!

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About The Author

Brian Kindall Author Pic

As a young man, Brian Kindall was undone by love. Oh, was she ever divine! Dark hair. Blue eyes. The smile of an angel. But then it all fell to ruin. For years afterward, the broken-hearted sap spent his time wandering about and scribbling self-absorbed tragedies that no one really cared about. His prose was impeccable, but useless to the world. Then one day, as if by magic, he matured. He peered into the abyss, became a father, got some perspective, and has been writing nothing but brilliant, entertaining novels ever since. These books – some for kids, some for grown-ups – are brimming with the absurdity, beauty, and mystery of life. Mister Kindall has become a master at playing humor against pathos, fairytales against reality, all for the sake of a good read that will surely enhance the life of any reader lucky enough to delve into the author’s adventure-laden pages.

He is the author of adult fiction novel DELIVERING VIRTUE, a Foreword Reviews 2015 IndieFab Book of the Year Finalist, and middle grade novels BLUE SKY, and PEARL. Moving, memorable fiction all. He resides on the shores of a pristine mountain lake with his wife and three kids somewhere in the middle of Idaho.

Want to know more?

Check out Brian Kindall’s Website! 


Check out our Interview with Mr. Kindall!


This book has the AlliesOpinions official stamp of approval. We recommend this book!

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Book Review “Parallel Realities: The Mundane Reimagined” J.C.

Butterfly background image

Carefully crafted to accommodate the duration of a single bowel movement in today’s fast-paced society, this short is dedicated to office drones everywhere. Join memorable characters such as Lucas, Bob and Jane on their epic adventures in familiar situations. If misdirection of expectations, ambiguous statements and lame jokes are what you seek, then look no further! Either that or you could just go back to work for the same.

Pararell Realities Cover

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First lines: Lucas hungered. At first it was a dull but constant throb at the back of his cerebellum (or what was left of it) but it soon metastasized into an unrelenting primal urge to feast. 

Parallel Realities is a fun but intense read. It’s entertaining to the max for such a small book! J.C. is a master at building suspense! About halfway through the book I was trying to figure out what he was explaining in such imaginative detail and more times than not I couldn’t quite place it!

The writing is superb. Each story is paced just right. I was genuinely surprised at the sheer amount of stuff that J.C. is able to put into such small stories. It’s a bit dark and reads like a comic. Now, the writing isn’t comic like. Nor is the format. It’s the wording. It’s the description. Everything is intense and has this urgent feeling.

I enjoyed reading it and will be keeping an eye on this author!


5 stars

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The Technical Data:

Title: The Mundane Reimagined : Parallel Realities | Series:  N/A |  Author(s): J.C. |Publisher: Pronoun / Publication Date: 2-23-2016 |Pages: 39 (Print) | ISBN: B01C6B9LT6  | Genre(s): Action & Adventure / Satire | Language:English |Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Date Read: 7-30-2016 |Source: Copy from author

Book Review “Delivering Virtue” by Brian Kindall


Didier Rain, bumbling ne’er-do-well and dissolute poet, is hired by The Church of the Restructured Truth to deliver a child-bride across the American frontier of 1854 to their prophet Nehi in his stronghold at the City of Rocks. The landscape is rife with hooligans, carnal temptations, and acts of God or Mother Nature that threaten to avert Rain from fulfilling the righteous prophecy.

Delivering Virtue Cover

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First lines: Fittingly, and with the suspect irony of a prank fabricated by one of the more mischievous gods on their mountaintop, I first met Virtue after an epic bout of debauchery.

I want to start off by saying that this was the most unique narration I have ever come across. Didier Rain is a man who has many sides. He was debonair and exuberant. He was smooth and eloquent. He was spruce and spry. But, he was also rakish and licentious. 

Rain was a dandy of the time and while searching for his own words to meld into the poetry he so loves he has a need for what we all need…money. 

Rain is an educated man who is tasked with delivering a female child to an off-shoot branch of the Mormon church. She is a tiny infant when they begin the journey and the trip takes very unexpected and in some places very immoral turns. 

I found the contrast of the educated and eloquent Rain and the depraved Rain to be very conflicting for me as a reader. There is so much good to the man but there is also a whole lot of bad. Reading the story through his perspective was intriguing to say the least. 

The only complaint I have about this book is the glossed over rape. Rain isn’t the best of men but that had to of been a very traumatic as well as painful experience. 

The story telling is vibrant and the characters libidinous. There are drastic opposites in this book as well. Like Virtue, she stays consistently good.

Throughout the book there is a lot of introspection about how Rain feels as well as his speculating how others around him feel. Due to this, I feel that most of what I know about the other characters is shaky. I think adding a bit more dialogue would help clear that up.

If I had to summarize what I think about this book, I would say it’s “The Odyssey” of the wild west with a swashbuckling dandy narrating and a journey of prophecy and magical realism. Add a pile of depraved characters and stir.

I couldn’t put it down. Definite 5 stars.

5 stars

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The Technical Data:

Title: Delivering Virtue | Author(s): Brian Kindall | Publisher: Diving Boy Books  / Publication Date: 11-07-2015 |Pages: 252 (Paperback) | ISBN: 978-0990932864 | Genre(s): Historical / Magical Realism  |Language:English |
Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Date Read: 6-18-2016 | Source: Copy from Author

Guest Post- Steven Scaffardi “Soundtrack For The Flood”

Steven Scaffardi is the author of the Sex, Love and Dating Disaster series. His first novel, The Drought, is the laugh-out-loud tale of one man’s quest to overcome the throes of a sexual drought. After the stormy break-up with his girlfriend of three years, Dan Hilles is faced with the daunting task of throwing himself back into the life of a single man. With the help of his three best pals, Dan is desperate and determined to get his leg-over with hilarious consequences!

 The Drought and his new novel The Flood – a comedy about one man trying to juggle four women at the same time – are both available for just 99p on the Kindle at Amazon.

 Steven Scaffardi Author pic

Follow all of the fun on his blog tour by following him on Twitter @SteveScaffardi or by using the hashtag #LadLitBlogTour. More information about Steven and his books can be found on his blog.


Lad Lit Blog Tour Banner

Guest Post Image

Soundtrack for The Flood


Yesterday the Lad Lit Blog Tour was at the Food For Bookworms blog where I explained that over the last six weeks, a few bloggers had asked me about my writing habits. I have mentioned previously that music plays a big part in coming up with ideas, and I normally try to create a soundtrack for my books.

Yesterday I revealed five of the songs that made the playlist for The Drought, and today at Allie’s Opinions I wanted to tell you about five songs that inspired me to write certain chapters and storylines in my new book, The Flood.

 This is an exclusive for Allie’s Opinion’s as I have not written or said this list out loud to anyone else before!


  1. The Flood by Take That

This is probably an obvious one! The title of the book is The Flood, and this Take That song has the same name too. It’s not rocket science! But there is a little bit more to it than just that. As you might remember, this was the first song Take That had done as a five piece for a long time. In The Flood, Dan and his three best friends (Rob, Jack and Ollie) have a new member, Ieuan, join their gang. In a way, that made this song a little more relevant.

  1. In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins

Jack has a bit of an unhealthy obsession with quoting Phil Collins songs throughout the book, although he refers to the former Genesis man as Filth Collins. In the scene where Dan sees Grace again for the first time, Jack uses the lyrics of In The Air Tonight to encourage Dan to make his move, even playing air drums to that famous drum solo from the song. Another Collins number that plays a part in the book comes at the end, when Jack puts Sussudio on the radio.


  1. She’s Out Of My Life by Michael Jackson

One of the main themes throughout the book is Dan’s head and heart going back and forth over Kelly. He can’t seem to make up his mind whether she is the one or not. There is a scene where Dan is trying to explain his feelings to his friends in the pub, and like any group of male mates, instead of taking his words seriously, they decide to take the micky and break out into this Michael Jackson classic.


  1. It Wasn’t Me by Shaggy

At the heart of the story is a drunken bet Dan makes with his best friends that he is capable of dating multiple girls at the same time. Of course, Dan is completely out of his depth, and the fact that he ends up dating a stalker, his crazy ex-girlfriend, the office ice queen, and the one that got away, makes things all the more difficult. As Dan tries to keep the four girls from finding out from each other, this song became the perfect anthem.


  1. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now by Starship

One of the earliest reviews for The Flood came from author Clint Forgy who said: “Funniest bar fight scene in the history of literature. I laughed so hard I woke up my snoring girlfriend.” The scene he is referring to is a chapter where the boys end up in a bar in Nottingham and get themselves into a spot of bother. I won’t give anything away, but this song plays a big part in the bar fight scene…

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