TTT- Ten Books From My TBR

Check out this weeks Top Ten Tuesday! See which books are still lurking on my TBR list!

August Submission Picks!

We had a lot of submissions this go round. It was extra tough since we only had 2 spots open but we managed to make some decisions. To those of you who have sent submissions in the past or recently, keep your chin up! Not being chosen this month doesn't mean you won't next month!

TBR List This Week

This is my week in books!  Thoughts: So far I LOVE it! It's an adorable story! Thoughts: Haven't read enough to have an opinion yet. Thoughts: Great! Really enjoying continuing my adventure with Delilah!   That's it folks! Are any on your list?  

This Weeks TBR

Check out what I'm reading this week! The Jacq of Spades (The Red Dog Conspiracy) (Volume 1) The once-beautiful domed neo-Victorian city of Bridges is split between four crime families in an uneasy cease-fire. Social disparity increasing and its steam-driven infrastructure failing, a new faction is on the rise: the Red Dogs. Jacqueline Spadros has … Continue reading This Weeks TBR