Books That Matter

When I was growing up war was just the way things were. No one took the time to explain to me that there were other ways to handle attacks from other countries. I remember sitting in my classroom in middle school as the Twin Towers were hit by those planes. We watched the people jumping from the buildings on our tiny bulbous screen hung in the top corner of our classroom. About the time my teacher realized that people were jumping to their death in front of a class of children she turned the TV off. 

Wish List – Science Fiction Books #1

Now that Halloween is over it's time to start thinking of Christmas gifts! I don't know about you but there is always a pretty big stack of beautifully wrapped (at least the one's my husband wraps) books under our tree. Every year I make a wish list for my husband and he makes one for me.We don't always stick strictly to the lists but we don't stray far. I thought this year I would share our lists with you!