Indie Author Spotlight

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 What’s an Indie Author Spotlight?

The Indie Author Spotlight is primarily an author interview. I include links to the author’s website as well as their social media contacts.

The post will also include a link to the authors book on amazon and a brief summary of the book.

Who qualifies for the Indie Author Spotlight?

The Indie Author Spotlight is only available to authors after AlliesOpinions has read and reviewed their book.

Contact Information

If you are an Indie Author who would like to be “in the spotlight” I can be contacted via e-mail at

Twitter or Facebook

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I hope this will help Indie Authors get the exposure they need to be successful. I hold Indie’s close to my heart. They have wonderful stories that the world needs to read. You never know when you might stumble on the best book of your life.

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If you know of an Indie Author you would like to see “in the spotlight” I would love to hear your suggestions!