Promotional Services

I offer book promotional services. These services are only available once I have read and reviewed an author’s book. I will promote books on my blog, my Facebook and my Twitter accounts.

The Promotional Posts will include:

Information about the book – Cover and summary, review stats and a link to the review I did on your book. All available purchase links as well as available formats.

Information about the Author – Usually a short bio and an update on what the author is working on or set to release soon. 

My personal recommendation. – This is why I will not promote a book I don’t believe in. 

I will not promote a book I don’t believe in. If you are interested in any of my promotional packages below, please feel free to contact me via email at


To promote your book 5 days a week for 1 month is $5!

This is an amazing value and also includes 2 separate posts from the original promotion. With $5, you also get a Book Spotlight and an Author Interview. That’s 3 separate posts! 

I typically post multiple times a day on the days your promotions are running.

All amounts are in USD and must be processed through paypal.

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