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               One of our favorite things to do here at AlliesOpinions is connect great stories to our readers. Every single book we recommend has been personally reviewed by us. This is a list of our absolute FAVORITE books that we’ve reviewed. Clicking on the cover will take you straight to the review so you can buy with confidence. This is a revolving list and new books are added often or old favorites might just sneak their way in here or there. Enjoy!

The Betrayl of Ka Cover      that book i wrote about me Cover     Undeterred Cover      Lives of the spirits cover

the-bloodless-cover       Runs Good No Reverse Cover

trauma shame and the power of love Cover     Eboracum Cover

cry-of-the-sea-cover        Good Globe COver


Naveed Cover     Double Dealing in Dubuque Cover

sol of the coliseum cover      The Unknown Soldier cover

The Dean Machine Cover     ribbonworld new cover

The Fire and the Forge Cover      Starry Messenger Cover

aerisia book cover


We hope that you enjoy our selections and find just the right story for whatever season of life you are in. Read away my friends!

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