“When Wolf Comes” John Pappas

Historical adventure, 1801. A survivor from an attack on a trade ship is sold as a slave to the Makah tribe of the Northwest Washington Coast. In a beautiful hostile land of people with strange spiritual ways he will become teacher and student, find friendship and even love, and realize escape comes in many guises, and survival is not always as simple as saving your own life.

When Wolf Comes Cover

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“When Wolf Comes” begins with Aiden doing what he does in much of the book….deliberating on his next move. Aiden has found himself far from home and does his best to be positive while also endeavoring to be useful. When the first ship comes Aiden’s spirits lift and life takes a new path. Like life can do, the path quickly shifts again and Aiden finds himself once more a slave. This time though, maybe being a slave is a step forward.

As Aiden finds his purpose within his masters tribe and culture his eye finds itself stuck on another slave. Neveah is a beautiful native woman who also turns out to be more than what she appears. Their relationship blooms slowly and it’s a real treat to see. 

Something that should be noted is how Pappas managed to embed a message of tolerance in his story. Aiden and the Makah are very different and those differences are stark at the beginning but as the story deepens those differences don’t seem so far apart and each culture melds together to find this new direction that I found fascinating. Aiden’s culture and knowledge was accepted (albeit with suspicion) and their culture became another piece of Aiden. This story has a message of oneness that resonates even now.

“When Wolf Comes” is well researched. Time and again I found myself lost in time and imagining the beauty of the northwest. The wonder of it’s people and their means of survival. I haven’t read much into this time period or the tribes that inhabited the northwest but Pappas leads the reader expertly through the complexities of both it’s cultural and natural wonders. Pappas has a real talent for cultivating a love in his readers that has at the very least encouraged me to learn more. I imagine that sentiment will spread through each new reader.

Squintanasis was a character that I really couldn’t get enough of. I would love to see him get his own book. I felt like there was more to tell and learn from this most stoic of men. He was mysterious and wise. He was shrewd but fair. I liked him immensely. He was a big part of what made this story bury itself so deep into my psych. 

Pappas depiction of battle is gory but not overly so. The horror is addressed but not dwelt upon. The significance is put more on how the community came together and their bond. I thought it was well written and well balanced.

I could go on for days about how much I enjoyed this story. I encourage you to hop in and lose yourself in the magic of the early 1800’s.

Absolute 5 star book.

5 stars

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The Technical Data:

Title: When Wolf Comes | Series: N/A |  Author(s): John Pappas  |Publisher: Amazon Digital Services / Publication Date: 5-8-2016 |Pages: 264 (Print) | ISBN: B01FEC6YM6 |Genre(s): Historical Fiction  |Language: English |Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Date Read: 8-29-2017 |Source: Copy from author.

When Wolf Comes Cover

“The images conjured up by the Northwest Coast tribes is one of fierce people what with their dramatic masks, nose bones and complex ceremonies. This story takes you to the people beneath that image. It highlights their sense of community as well as their recognition of the changes being brought by traders. It tells of how they treat their “slaves”, their capacity for compassion and their lack of tolerance for wrongdoing.” – Amazon Reviewer


Book Review “The Last Orphans” N. W. Harris

One horrifying day will change the life of sixteen-year-old Shane Tucker and every other kid in the world. 

In a span of mere hours, the entire adult population is decimated, leaving their children behind to fend for themselves and deal with the horrific aftermath of the freak occurrence. As one of the newly made elders in his small town, Shane finds himself taking on the role of caretaker for a large group of juvenile survivors. One who just happens to be Kelly Douglas–an out-of-his-league classmate–who, on any other day, would have never given Shane a second glance.

Together, they begin their quest to find out why all of the adults were slaughtered. What they find is even more horrifying than anything they could have expected–the annihilation of the adults was only the beginning. Shane and his friends are not the unlucky survivors left to inherit this new, messed-up planet. No, they are its next victims. There is an unknown power out there, and it won’t stop until every person in the world is dead.

The Last Orphans Cover

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Prepare yourselves, this book moves fast. It’s non-stop action the entire read. There is never a good stopping point and every single time you have to close the book it will cause you literal pain!

Shane is a kid whose entire life goes to hell in a hand-basket far quicker than it has any right to. This book is a great insight into how quickly things really can fall the heck apart. The death scenes are brutal and horrific but I do have to give Harris kudos for his imagination. I don’t think I’ll ever look at a single bug again without thinking of this book.

Some of the realities of this story and the choices that the characters have to make was heart wrenching. No one thinks about tiny babies in these scenarios. Once that was brought up it stuck in my mind and still sneaks into my mind when I really REALLY don’t want it to. Because really, I would like to think that I would go house to house rounding up babies to take care of but……with the ever growing chaos and the continuing decline of older kids and safe places….it’s something to think about for sure.

Harris has created a world that sucks you in and doesn’t let go. I’m looking forward to continuing the series and getting more answers to exactly what is really going on. 

5 stars!

5 stars

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The Technical Data:

Title: The Last Orphans | Series: The Last Orphans |  Author(s): N. W. Harris  |Publisher: Clean Teen Publishing / Publication Date: 10-9-2014 |Pages: 277 (Print) | ISBN: B00NJCL302 |Genre(s): Teen / Young Adult  |Language: English |Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Date Read: 4-25-2017 |Source: Copy from personal collection.

Book Review “Heirs Of Eternity” Franc Ingram

In a world of sword fights and supercomputers only the cunning survive.

The Twelve, a collective of A.I.s protecting the last of humanity on Euphoria, created hybrids to rule. The first generation proved tyrannical and divided the world into five fighting realms, so The Twelve created the Heirs of Eternity.

Oleana is a computer-human hybrid, created to locate and train the other three Heirs of Eternity, and unite humanity. She struggles to balance her violent past, addiction to alcohol, and history of failure, with the task of being a good mother and leader. She, and the other Heirs face an old enemy in the first-generation hybrid, Cornelius, who wants the world for himself, and new foes in a band of greedy warlords who thrive on the chaos.

With her world on the brink of collapse, and her son in danger, she can’t afford another failure. Oleana must let go of the burden of her past, keep her son safe, and complete the task she was designed to do, save the world.

Heirs Of Eternity Cover

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The “Heirs Of Eternity” is the tale of a vexed heroine doing her best to fulfill a prophecy and keep what’s left of her humanity and sanity. Oleana’s task is monumental and her enemies leviathans of power and greed. 

Oleana is as human as it gets. Never-mind the computer parts. She’s tragically flawed and draws the reader in with hooks to your heart. Her sacrifices make her selfless but her addiction makes her selfish. She’s the wisdom of the Heirs and through all her flaws her inherent goodness shines bright. Her love and loyalty are admirable. Her commitment to the cause unwavering. 

Lorn is the next character who stands out in my mind. He is wise for his years. His inquisitiveness charming. Seeing Oleana through his eyes is a reminder to all parents that our children don’t expect us to be perfect and their love is unwavering. Even in the face of our deepest flaws. I adored the relationship between Lorn and his mother. It somehow made the book feel more personal to me.

Ingram is a born story-teller. Her world is fascinating and her characters compelling. The action moves swiftly without sacrificing depth. All of her characters shine bright in their individuality. Their interactions intriguing and realistic. Ingram’s writing of her characters brings an authenticity that many new writers just can’t grasp. I was very impressed at the intensity of each characters personality and how real they felt in my mind. I’m looking forward to seeing more from her. Ingram has a unique approach to her stories that will grab and hold you like few others will.

The trials the Heirs face are tough and their task weighty. I enjoyed their journey thus far and will most definitely continue when the second book releases. 

4 stars.

4 star

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Title: Heirs Of Eternity | Series: Euphoria Duology |  Author(s): Franc Ingram  |Publisher: Amazon Digital Services / Publication Date: 2-15-2017 |Pages: 280 (Print) | ISBN:  B01MTGJQXH |Genre(s): Epic Fantasy |Language: English |Rating: 4 out of 5 |  Date Read: 4-19-2017 |Source: Copy from author.

Franc Ingram Author Pic

Franc Ingram is a Sci-Fi writer who loves to write about damaged heroines/heroes and extraordinary technology. Personally, Franc is an animal lover, having a lab mix named Mya. Franc loves planes, green tech, a fine white wine, good food and books of all genres. She lives and works in northeast Ohio. 

 “Heirs Of Eternity” is the first book in the “Euphoria Duology” series. The second book is set to come out December of this year! 

Book Spotlight “Heirs Of Eternity” Franc Ingram

In a world of sword fights and supercomputers only the cunning survive.

The Twelve, a collective of A.I.s protecting the last of humanity on Euphoria, created hybrids to rule. The first generation proved tyrannical and divided the world into five fighting realms, so The Twelve created the Heirs of Eternity.

Oleana is a computer-human hybrid, created to locate and train the other three Heirs of Eternity, and unite humanity. She struggles to balance her violent past, addiction to alcohol, and history of failure, with the task of being a good mother and leader. She, and the other Heirs face an old enemy in the first-generation hybrid, Cornelius, who wants the world for himself, and new foes in a band of greedy warlords who thrive on the chaos.

With her world on the brink of collapse, and her son in danger, she can’t afford another failure. Oleana must let go of the burden of her past, keep her son safe, and complete the task she was designed to do, save the world.

Heirs Of Eternity Cover

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Franc Ingram Author Pic

Franc Ingram is a Sci-Fi writer who loves to write about damaged heroines/heroes and extraordinary technology. Personally, Franc is an animal lover, having a lab mix named Mya. Franc loves planes, green tech, a fine white wine, good food and books of all genres. She lives and works in northeast Ohio. 

 “Heirs Of Eternity” is the first book in the “Euphoria Duology” series. The second book is set to come out December of this year! 

Book Review “The Lord of Salamander” T. H. Alexander

Dare to enter a new world of wonder and fear, good and evil, magic and mystery! 

In this first novel in what is to become the Epic Salamander Trilogy, Elijah Pendleton discovers he is the last and only hope of restoring a fabled magical land back to its original order and begins an amazing quest into the heart of the unknown that will include crossing dangerous lands, encountering ferocious beasts, and entangling himself in mythical hazards along the way. Throughout this extraordinary journey, Elijah will accumulate allies, hone his newly discovered powers, and race against time to end the land’s decade-long reign of darkness and fulfill a long-awaited prophecy: to take his place as the strongest who ever lived and become the succeeding ruler of the land called Salamander–the Lord of Salamander.

The Lord of Salamander Cover

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I want to first brag on how creative this story was. The hero’s journey is nothing new but the way Alexander framed this story was special. Alexander loves his characters. His love for Elijah and this world he has created shines brightly from beginning to end. Alexander’s love for his story brought me to love it as well.

It’s not been an easy life for Elijah and that thread follows him. It’s an uphill battle but a battle worth fighting for. I quickly liked Elijah and my fondness for him grew and grew. He has his flaws like anyone else and has definitely seen his fair share of bumps in the road. I love his tenacity though. 

Alexander’s writing is grabby in all the right places and my attention was caught and held for most of the book. I did feel that a few descriptions were a bit wordy but that can be worked out with a bit more “showing” from Alexander than “telling”. This is a hard concept to really pin down but for the most part Alexander is doing well with it.

There’s not much I feel I can share without spoiling the book. It’s carefully put together and I don’t want to ruin it for anyone. I enjoyed reading it and look forward to reading more from Alexander in the future!

4 stars!

4 star

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The Technical Data:

Title: The Lord of Salamander | Series: The Epic Salamander Trilogy |  Author(s): T. H. Alexander  |Publisher: Create Space Independent Publishing / Publication Date: 2-14-2017 |Pages: 304 (Print) | ISBN:  978-1543125832 |Genre(s): Fantasy |Language: English |Rating: 4 out of 5 |  Date Read: 3-20-2017 |Source: Copy from author.

T H Alexander author pic

For as long as he can remember, T.H. Alexander has been enthralled with the idea of storytelling through writing. Throughout his rough adolescence, he discovered the power of books and reading through such works as Peter Pan, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and James and the Giant Peach and used these fantastical tales as an escape from his own harsh reality.

But simply reading these stories wasn’t enough.

He carried with him into his teenage years the desire to go further and write a story of his own. After numerous failed attempts, when he was just fourteen, the right story would finally break through with the Lord of Salamander. Starting what eventually became the first draft of the novel when he was just a freshman in high school, T.H. would spend the next four years occasionally adding more and more to the story until the draft was finally completed in the summer of 2007. Since then, T.H. has edited, revised and rewritten the novel several times, the most recent taking place in 2016. He has also stepped into the Young Adult Horror genre with his gritty follow-up, Till Dawn, and has written numerous screenplays for movies and television.

He currently resides in San Antonio, Texas where he works on the next installment of the Epic Salamander Trilogy, Return to Salamander, which he hopes to have released by the spring of 2019.

Indie Author Spotlight- Jean C. Joachim

Do you love hot romance stories that keep you on your toes? Jean C. Joachim is a prolific author whose characters you would be hard pressed not to fall in love with! Want to know more about her books? Check out our review of “Dan Alexander, Pitcher”! We’re set to review the next book in the “Bottom of the Ninth” series, “Matt Jackson, Catcher” in the next week so keep an eye out!

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Jean Joachim is a best-selling romance fiction author, with books hitting the Amazon Top 100 list since 2012. She writes mostly contemporary romance, which includes sports romance and romantic suspense.
Dangerous Love Lost & Found, First Place winner in the 2015 Oklahoma Romance Writers of America, International Digital Award contest. The Renovated Heart won Best Novel of the Year from Love Romances Café. Lovers & Liars was a RomCon finalist in 2013. And The Marriage List tied for third place as Best Contemporary Romance from the Gulf Coast RWA. To Love or Not to Love tied for second place in the 2014 New England Chapter of Romance Writers of America Reader’s Choice contest. She was chosen Author of the Year in 2012 by the New York City chapter of RWA.
Married and the mother of two sons, Jean lives in New York City. Early in the morning, you’ll find her at her computer, writing, with a cup of tea, her rescued pug, Homer, by her side and a secret stash of black licorice.
Jean has 30+ books, novellas and short stories published. Find them here: http://www.jeanjoachimbooks.com. Sign up for her newsletter, on her website, and be eligible for her private paperback sales.

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WARNING! This interview has what could be interpreted as spoilers!

Q: What gave you the idea to begin writing “Dan Alexander, Pitcher”?

I’ve loved baseball since I was sixteen. After writing my football series, “First & Ten”, baseball seemed the next best place to go. And who wouldn’t want to start with the pitcher. I wondered what would happen if the pitcher saw a pretty girl in the stands. Then the girl became a hot dog vendor, then she couldn’t be just any vendor. And thus Holly’s story was born.

As I wrote Dan’s story, he struck me as a nice guy from a small town, unpretentious, and unchanged by his new found wealth. In some ways, he and Holly were opposite, which is, perhaps, what attracted Dan to Holly.

Q: Dan Alexander strikes me as a small town guy-next-door type. However, he’s also no stranger to the finer things in life and expects his mate to be classy and sophisticated. Was it difficult to find that balance for his character?

Not at all. I think he was completely taken with Holly’s sophistication. She was an unusual mix of a woman who could take care of herself, knew what to order in a French restaurant, but also needed protection and understanding. That unusual mix of qualities is what attracted Dan.

He’d never met a girl like her, who wasn’t falling all over herself or him for attention. And a girl who wasn’t impressed by a lot of money, but who was easy with living well relieved his mind about her ever being a gold-digger. She tumbled into his life and opened his eyes to the fact that a girl from a rich family might actually be deprived in some ways – for example, never going to an amusement park. She made him feel like a big man, her protector and yet she had things she could teach him, too. It was a perfect match.

Q: The man on the cover is exactly as I felt you described Dan. Did you see the model first and base Dan’s description on him or was it a happy surprise?

I had Dan pictured in my mind. I looked at models with a photographer until I happened on Chandler. The moment I saw him, I knew he was the perfect Dan Alexander. And, besides, he was hotter than hot. He’s exactly what I wanted for the cover. I’m glad he fits the description.

I designed the jersey he’s wearing. If you’ll notice it says “Nighthawks” on it. The cover shots have all been taken with photographers. None are stock photos and no fancy graphics were used. Those are real uniforms.

Allie- I LOVE that these are real uniforms! You should sign these and sell them! I’d buy one!

Q: In the book, we learn that Holly is paying for her wild streak and bad decisions. I felt there was an emphasis on her predicament being her fault, but with the distance from her parents growing up….isn’t it a bit their fault too?

Absolutely! I totally agree. I had to show how they treated her so the reader would understand why Holly made the mistakes she did. No, it was not totally her fault. Her parents needed to take some of the blame. Perhaps the humiliation they suffered was their pay-back for the cold way they treated her growing up.

Even though she had neglectful parents, the world is not a forgiving place. If you make a mistake, you pay for it.  That was made clear in the story. No matter how her parents treated her, Holly had to make good choices in her life and take responsibility for them. She learned that lesson the hard way. But in the end, I think she grew stronger from the ordeal. And the love of Dan was her reward for facing her predicament squarely and being honest.

Dan was very healing for Holly. Her time with him let her know that she was worthy of love and that there was someone who would protect her and care for her, even though she’d made some mistakes. His loyalty went straight to my heart – and her’s, too.

Q: When you write, is the story already present in your mind or does it slowly materialize as your writing progresses?

When I start to write, the story and the characters are  in my mind, but not fully formed. I know how it’s going to end, but often it takes a different twist and turn along the way. I love when that happens. I have thrown out scenes and even changed plots after beginning a novel. The story takes me where it needs to go. Sometimes I have to be patient, but it always appears and makes the story better.

Q: In the story, Holly’s identity was initially discovered and caused her to “disappear” on her own. Later in the story, she makes the decision to trust in the system again and everything seems to work out. The story doesn’t explain how she was initially found out. Could you elaborate on this?

Someone leaked Holly’s whereabouts for money. I didn’t want to pursue that because I felt it would sidetrack the plot, hijacking the story from Holly and Dan and injecting Flash Kincade into it with a bigger role.

Yes, he paid someone to give him the information. It took him a while to find the right person and persuade them, but that was it. I did wonder if that would leave some readers hanging. I guess it did! I will clear that up with a sentence or two in a later book. Thanks for this question.

Q: Do you have any writing quirks?

I’m sure I must, but I don’t think so. Every writer thinks they are normal, but “normal” people would probably think we’re nuts. Maybe my biggest quirk is that I talk to my pug, Homer, about my stories when we’re out walking. I ask him questions and work out plot points. That seems perfectly normal to me, but the people of NYC probably think I’m crazy.

Allie – I’ve never been to NYC but I’m sure a nice looking lady with an adorable pug is the least of their worries. I mean…have you seen that documentary about the rat problem in NYC? Everyone is probably too busy dodging rats! J/K (ish)

Q: What kind of music do you listen to when looking for inspiration?

Sometimes I listen to music to inspire me. When I wrote Love Lost & Found that takes place partly in St. Thomas, I played the song “Kokomo” by the Beach Boys over and over again. Most of the time I prefer to write in quiet. When I do put on music, it’s classical. Mozart, Bach, Beethoven are all soothing and allow me to focus on my inner thoughts.

Q: Other than writing, what other hobbies do you enjoy?

I enjoy crocheting, taking long walks, and going to the movies. Photography is my most consuming hobby. I love to take pictures of nature and interesting things around me.

Just For Fun Questions

Q: If you could time travel, where would you go and what would you do?

I’d go back to the time when Louisa May Alcott was writing or Jane Austen. Regency England, with it’s elegance and intrigue, would be fascinating.

I’d be a fly on the wall in drawing rooms of wealthy, titled people watching and listening to them live their intriguing lives.  I’d love it. Yes, I’m a huge Jane Austen fan.

The Roaring ‘20’’s in the U.S.A. interest me, too. Life was fast, every changing and the clothing styles were awesome! I’d be a speakeasy singer by night and a demure secretary by day.

Allie- I’m also a huge fan of Jane Austen. 

Q: Imagine you are stranded on an island. What three things would you most want with you? (other than people, food, shelter and necessities for life)

Music! Art materials. I love to design and do occasionally design a cover and I do all my own marketing designing, including creating my logo. A camera. Chocolate and books! Of course, books.

Q: If you could have any superpower, what would you pick?

I’d love to be able to fly. I adore birds and envy their ability to pick up and soar. To see the world from different vantage points and to be able to sit, high up, in a tree and contemplate life would be heaven.

Q: If you could live in any world in any book or movie, what movie/book would you pick?

I’d jump right into the pages of “Pride and Prejudice”, or any other Jane Austen book. I think being around during the tumultuous times in “Gone With the Wind” would be fascinating!

I recently watched the movie, “The Big Chill” again. Being back in those times with those folks would also be fun.


JCJ- Thank you for inviting me to this interview, Allie. It’s been a lot of fun answering your questions.

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Fed up with cheating women, Dan Alexander, star pitcher for the New York Nighthawks, grew restless. Searching for something more than a bar babe, he zeroed in on a girl in the stands. He never expected to see a beautiful chick pushing frankfurters. But the hot dog girl looked as smokin’ as the food she was selling.
Holly Merrill found a place to hide in plain sight, as a vendor at Nighthawks’ stadium. Keeping her secret safe and simply happy to stay alive, she never considered finding love an option. After all, a bad girl doesn’t deserve a decent guy, does she?
Coming off his best season ever, Dan went into the playoffs, hell bent on winning the pennant and playing in the World Series. But could he maintain his focus on the field, where everything was going right, when off the field everything was falling apart?

Book Review “Reaperlands Part 1” Roy Burdine


After the apocalypse, there’s a whole world to reclaim…

It’s been a decade since the Viral plague that brought the dead back to life with a hunger for living flesh. The survivors have long since fled the big cities and resettled in the countryside, mountains, and plains, building a network of fortresses and cavernous sanctuaries.

As civilization rebuilt and reshaped itself in this nightmarish new world, there arose an overwhelming demand for the supplies and riches left behind in the remains of the old one.

A system of trade and barter formed around the market of these goods, a macabre economy for a dead world. Those brave or foolish enough to seek out treasure among the wastelands became known as the Reapers.

Gus and Oscar are a two-man reaping crew, facing down the horrors of a shattered world in search of its hidden wealth. But more dangerous than the undead Virals, and their various deadly strains, are the others like themselves, cutthroat scavengers bent on plundering the riches of the Reaperlands…

Reaper Lands Cover

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zombie border

First Lines: I’ve heard mankind referred to in many ways in my time. Mostly Negative. When I was young, this species, which created language, civilization, science,and the arts, decoded and overcame many, hell, most of nature’s mysteries to become the dominant species of a harsh and unforgiving planet, had come to view itself as a self-destructive blight on the very world it had risen up and conquered.

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First things first, let me go ahead and prepare you by saying that after reading Reaperlands  you’re going to want more. I want more. So, so much more! Roy Burdine’s writing is addictive.

I’ll be real with you for a moment and admit that horror / zombie is not really my main genre. The books I pick to review from this genre are few and far between. I was hesitant to read Reaperlands until a blogger friend of mine read it. She recommended it so I took a shot and don’t regret it at all. Even though I had a horrible nightmare I was actually in the Reaperlands world, I’m still regret free. The runners are terrifying though….they really are.

Honestly, if your story was so good that I’m actually having nightmares  about it….Bravo man…Bravo!

Usually improper sentence structure drives me insane but, Roy Burdine arranges his prose exactly right to overcome this pet peeve.

I can’t believe I am saying this but his shortcuts actually enhanced the tension and drama of the story. It made every event or piece of dialogue more colorful and raw. It felt really authentic. It was comparable to a Tarentino film.

The contrast between Gus and Oscar is marked however it does add a delightful amount of intrigue to the story. I want to know how they came to work together. I want to know the whole story.

This was a brilliant beginning to what I hope continues to be a captivating story.

I’ll go ahead and give a bit of a warning though. If graphic novels and comic books aren’t your thing, I don’t know that this book will be a hit for you. It’s a bit gritty and unapologetic.

I, however, LOVED it. Which is really saying something for me and zombie books.

Solid 5 stars.

5 stars

Did you know? “Reaperlands” is a Fort Bookworm double-dip. Both Lilyn from ScifiandScary and I have reviewed this book. (She loved it!) Click here to be taken to her review!)

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Title: Reaperlands | Series: Reaperlands #1 | Author: Roy Burdine  | Publisher: We Built It Publishing | Publication Date: 3-21-2016 | Pages: 35 | ASIN: B01DAO9LMA | Genre(s): Science Fiction / Horror | Language: English  | Date Read: 5-20-2016 | Source: copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Book Review for “The Betrayal Of KA” by Shea R. Oliver




As the spaceship secretly lands on Earth, Ka’s mission is clear: find and kill Transprophetics. His shipmates think of him as a killer. On his home planet of Koranth, he is considered a murderer. Haunted in his dreams by the boy whose life he stole, Ka struggles to define who he really is.

A girl in a temple in Thailand. A boy kidnapped in Mexico. Both can do the impossible. Both can move objects with their minds. These two Transprophetics pose grave risks to the Donovackia Corporation as it plans its invasion of Earth.

With a blade in his hand, Ka’s decision to kill, or not, will reverberate across the galaxy.

The Betrayl of Ka Cover

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This book is GRITTY. It hits on politics as well as some of the lesser used subjects in science fiction. It will kick your butt.

On the one hand, you want to hate Ka. You really do. He does something incredibly immoral and stupid. He pays for it though. He pays for it for a long time. 

I had to remind myself that he was just a kid who found himself in a very bad situation with some very bad people. Being under that kind of stress can make a teen justify action’s they normally wouldn’t. You really have to keep that in perspective.

Watching those around him react to him with no real knowledge of the situation was eye opening. I realized that often we make assumptions about someone with very little real knowledge of the exact circumstances. Circumstances matter. They really do.

This book is multi-faceted. It brings up real political issues that are relate-able to our current time period while at the same time creating a story that is both entertaining and emotion catching. 

It take’s talent to be able to draw so many things into one story and have it all tie in together.

There are no real cliff hangers in this book. You leave the story with a sense of transition more than frustration for not having it completely tied up. It is the first book in a series and I am really looking forward to the second.

Series books make me happy. They really do.

I rate this book with 5 stars.

5 stars

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The Technical Data:

Title: The Betrayal Of KA ( The Transprophetics: Book 1) | Author(s): Shea R. Oliver |Publisher: Colorado Sky Media, LLC / Publication Date: 9-13-2015 | Pages: 259 (Paperback) | ISBN: B015D3W2YK  | Genre(s): Science Fiction | Language: English |
Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Date Read: 11-11-2015 | Source: Copy From Author

Did you know? The Betrayal of Ka is a Fort Bookworm double-dip. Both myself and Lilyn, from Scifi and Scary, have reviewed this book.  Click here to be taken to her review!)