Book Review “The Island on the Edge of Forever” by Andrew Crusoe

When Asha and Zahn return to the sapphire forests of Avani after a harrowing battle with the star-consuming Vakragha, they reflect and prepare, knowing their chthonic enemy will return. Yet to their surprise, a Confederation pilot lands with a new mission: to recover The Kiss of Life, an ancient artifact capable of reviving the dead.

Book Review “In Gallup, Greed” by Tower Lowe

Summary from Goodreads: Lonnie is stabbed to death while his sister, Mirage, is in a black out. Did she kill him? Gallup, New Mexico provides the backdrop for greed, scrambled brains, illicit love, and murder in this mystery thriller. Cinnamon and Burro trail a gallery owner, a young boy with TBI, and a group of … Continue reading Book Review “In Gallup, Greed” by Tower Lowe