Nasty Comments & Crazy People

 I got one the other day on my post about Oklahoma Turnpikes from forever ago (way to creep my page weirdo) that called me a bitch and told me if I didn't like how things worked I should start 'slaughtering politicians'...... Uhm.... holy shit this guy has lost his fucking mind Wow that guy is unhinged. I do not now or ever suggest that anyone "slaughters" anyone else....ever. He went from 0 to ape shit immediately.  Calm the heck down bro! Take a chill pill ( do people still say that?).


Mason Mondays – The Perfect Gentleman

Am I the only parent who watches a ridiculous transformation take place with your child when you are in public? Sometime's I feel like I'm dealing with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  Today I had a doctors appointment and of course I brought captain Mason with me. I very rarely let anyone watch him. Unless … Continue reading Mason Mondays – The Perfect Gentleman