Nasty Comments & Crazy People


       I would say that this must be the week of the crazies but honestly I seem to draw a fair amount of them most of the time. Usually the nasty comments are mostly on Twitter but it seems they’ve migrated to my blog. Damn it Yay! 


Wondering why you haven’t seen them? BAN HAMMERED those bastards I don’t approve nasty comments. If you just disagree with me on a book or a subject I won’t censor your comment but if it’s advocating violence or you cussing me out….yeah, I’m probably not going to let it post. 

           I got one the other day on my post about Oklahoma Turnpikes from forever ago (way to creep my page weirdo) that called me a bitch and told me if I didn’t like how things worked I should start ‘slaughtering politicians’…… Uhm…. holy shit this guy has lost his fucking mind Wow that guy is unhinged. I do not now or ever suggest that anyone “slaughters” anyone else….ever. He went from 0 to ape shit immediately.  Calm the heck down bro! Take a chill pill ( do people still say that?). I’d rather just vote out politicians whose policies I don’t agree with. Killing them is a bit harsh…I mean…if I killed every person I didn’t agree with….there wouldn’t be many people left. Plus, I’m a lover not a fighter. Peace is an actual solution people. Oh, and as of now, I’m still legally allowed to complain when politicians do stuff I don’t like. So, I think I’ll raise my voice and not a weapon because murder is a big fucking deal and I’m not about to take someone’s life over the dollar or so I have to pay to drive on a road. I mean, get perspective. 


As if that wasn’t crazy enough, I’ve received about 20 emails from some guy pervert  asking me to review his graphic erotic novel……NO means NO fella. Just….read my damn review policy and these types of crazy situations won’t happen. When I said no he got his panties in a bunch upset and said it’s my fault his book can’t get any reviews…..dude, I’m not responsible for what other reviewers are telling you. 

To top all of that off, when I was mowing my backyard yesterday a rabid probably rabies infested tiny mouse ran up my BARE LEG till he got to the edge of my shorts and ran back down and away. So, I’m probably going to die thankful he didn’t decide inside my shorts looked like a path he wanted to take. 


Oh, and I found a dead mole on my doorstep this morning. So, yeah. Good times.



Reflections After Reading “The Rose”

This is the first non-fiction book that I have reviewed on this blog. When I received the review request and read the description, I realized that in many ways this would be a very challenging book for me to read and review. Not because of it’s genre, but because of its contents. A few short years ago I lost my mother in law to cancer. She didn’t have breast cancer, but cancer in all its forms is a terrible disease. I was one of those lucky people who landed the best mother in law ever. She was a true friend to me and in many ways filled that gap in my life of the mother I never had. Her loss, like the loss of so many mother’s, will be felt forever. Not a single day goes by that I don’t want to call her or see her face. Not a single event passes by that I don’t hurt inside and think of all she has missed. Her son, my husband, will feel her loss forever. 

The horrible part is that it could have been avoided. If the many doctors that she went to see over the years had been more vigilant, she would have been diagnosed early. She wouldn’t have been stage four when they finally found it. She need not have died. That is why early screenings are so damn important.

In terms of money, I would think the early screenings are worth their weight in gold. Catching and treating cancer closer to the onset of the disease has to be cheaper than treating it much later in the game. Also, the earlier the cancer is detected, the higher the survival rate for the person who is being treated. Surviving person means person who keeps paying that insurance payment.

SO what’s the excuse here people? Why is this even a problem?

Clearly, it’s not immoral. In my mind, it’s financially sound. So, what’s the real reason?

I am glad that there are organizations like The Rose that fight for women every day. The trials they plow through are amazing. The sheer determination it must take to fight for this cause is unbelievable. We should all be so inspiring.

I urge you to donate even a dollar to this amazing organization. Their very existence is dependent on people like you and I who care and spread their message.

To donate click the link “The Rose”.