Outlander – Frank Randall is SUS Ya’ll!

If you haven’t read the Outlander series or haven’t seen the show do not read further. I’m warning you! There will be spoilers! Don’t ruin it for yourself. Just back away now.

To the point!

In the first book, when Frank and Claire are in their cute little B & B in Scotland he basically accuses her of cheating when they were separated during the war. I’m now on book three and have a much better idea of who Frank is. BUT! When I read that, I was like well he’s cheated for damn sure. I have been side eyeing that slimy bastard since then but it’s so good to know that my initial suspicion wasn’t off base.

This is what gets me. Claire is pining for this asshole for most of book one and almost completely ruins her marriage with Jaime to try and save horrible Black Jack Randall in later books to make damn sure that Frank is born because “he’s an innocent in all this”. Do I think that Frank deserves to not exist because he may or may not of been a cheating scumbag…… well, of course not. However, what I don’t get is how Claire is still so wrapped up with him even after she has obviously found actual love with Jaime.

To add to that, when she comes back through the stones he treats her in the most horrible ways. At first, he’s yelling and threatening her while she’s laying pregnant in a hospital bed. I mean, I get it bro. Your wife, who has been gone for years, all the sudden shows up pregnant with another dude’s kid and you want answers. But maybe don’t lose your shit on her. I understand that is enough to drive anybody up the wall. She tells him the truth. I don’t see why him being this big shot historian and all he couldn’t of done some looking around and found enough to corroborate her story. Then he does a hell of a lot to make her feel like absolute crap for trying to have a career. Although, there is this nice scene where he gives this whole speech about how he’ll pick up the slack with the kid so Claire can be a doctor.

I realize that people don’t always act rationally. I realize that Frank was up to his eyeballs in some really out there stuff. However, it’s not like she went through the stones on purpose. It’s not like he wasn’t getting all kind of action while she was gone and most likely while she was in the trenches patching up men in a literal war. So, I’ve got all kinds of sour grapes at this man for being such a hypocrite.

In all honesty, Gabaldon did a fantastic job writing this series. She brought her characters to life in such a real way that here I am ranting on the internet about a sleazeball fictional character.

I’m only on book three but I’m clearly already more involved than is probably healthy. That is some damn good writing.


6 thoughts on “Outlander – Frank Randall is SUS Ya’ll!

    • I haven’t gotten very far into the show. It’s so graphic I have to watch it after the kids go to bed. So far, not surprisingly, I’ve connected more to the story through the books. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!


  1. I haven’t watched the show, but I absolutely LOVED the first book! The second book was a bit slow for me and I ended up putting it down after reading so much of it. Was it a little slow for you, too, or was it just me? I’m curious if the action picks back up. Glad you’re enjoying it!!

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      • The third book starts out a bit slow with a bit of an emotional transition. However, right after that its non stop action. You’ll also get more information about Franks character and let me tell you it’ll boil your blood. The damn audacity of men is never ending!


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