Book Review “The Cabin” Angela Shori

The Cabin Book Cover

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Years after a tragedy that left them broken, Tressa and Chris find new hope in the magic of the holiday season. Stranded together after six years apart, they must at once face the tragedy that divided them and find forgiveness. Sprinkled among the heart-breaking memories are moments of pure joy – and isn’t that the magic of the holiday season?

This short story was a lot like a snap shot into someone’s life. As the reader, we are given just enough to grab our hearts and attention. I really enjoyed this particular short story. The Cabin reminds us all how easy it is to get lost in our own pain and forget that others are feeling pain too. It is easy to curl into ourselves and isolate those who need us most. And….those we need most.

This short story was a lot like a Hallmark movie. It has drama and emotional turmoil. It has lost love and love returned.  It has a cozy setting with history. It has a familiarity that draws the reader in without needing much description. 

When Tressa finds the box… heart was on fire for her. Memories can hit you right when you least expect them too. I loved how the author used this moment. Losing their daughter was the thing that tore them apart but….it is also the thing that brings them back together.

Truly beautiful moment.

I grant this story 5 stars.

5 stars

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 The Cabin: A Christmas Short Story



The Technical Data:

Title: The Cabin | Author(s): Angela Shori |

Publisher: Typewriter Labs / Publication Date: 11-6-2015 |Pages: 18 (Kindle) | ISBN: B017OROIG8  | Genre(s): Christmas/ Short Story/ Romance |Language: English | Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Date Read: 1-20-2016 |Source: Copy from author

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