Book Review “Delivering Virtue” by Brian Kindall


Didier Rain, bumbling ne’er-do-well and dissolute poet, is hired by The Church of the Restructured Truth to deliver a child-bride across the American frontier of 1854 to their prophet Nehi in his stronghold at the City of Rocks. The landscape is rife with hooligans, carnal temptations, and acts of God or Mother Nature that threaten to avert Rain from fulfilling the righteous prophecy.

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First lines: Fittingly, and with the suspect irony of a prank fabricated by one of the more mischievous gods on their mountaintop, I first met Virtue after an epic bout of debauchery.

I want to start off by saying that this was the most unique narration I have ever come across. Didier Rain is a man who has many sides. He was debonair and exuberant. He was smooth and eloquent. He was spruce and spry. But, he was also rakish and licentious. 

Rain was a dandy of the time and while searching for his own words to meld into the poetry he so loves he has a need for what we all need…money. 

Rain is an educated man who is tasked with delivering a female child to an off-shoot branch of the Mormon church. She is a tiny infant when they begin the journey and the trip takes very unexpected and in some places very immoral turns. 

I found the contrast of the educated and eloquent Rain and the depraved Rain to be very conflicting for me as a reader. There is so much good to the man but there is also a whole lot of bad. Reading the story through his perspective was intriguing to say the least. 

The only complaint I have about this book is the glossed over rape. Rain isn’t the best of men but that had to of been a very traumatic as well as painful experience. 

The story telling is vibrant and the characters libidinous. There are drastic opposites in this book as well. Like Virtue, she stays consistently good.

Throughout the book there is a lot of introspection about how Rain feels as well as his speculating how others around him feel. Due to this, I feel that most of what I know about the other characters is shaky. I think adding a bit more dialogue would help clear that up.

If I had to summarize what I think about this book, I would say it’s “The Odyssey” of the wild west with a swashbuckling dandy narrating and a journey of prophecy and magical realism. Add a pile of depraved characters and stir.

I couldn’t put it down. Definite 5 stars.

5 stars

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The Technical Data:

Title: Delivering Virtue | Author(s): Brian Kindall | Publisher: Diving Boy Books  / Publication Date: 11-07-2015 |Pages: 252 (Paperback) | ISBN: 978-0990932864 | Genre(s): Historical / Magical Realism  |Language:English |
Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Date Read: 6-18-2016 | Source: Copy from Author

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