Book Review “The Island on the Edge of Forever” by Andrew Crusoe

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When Asha and Zahn return to the sapphire forests of Avani after a harrowing battle with the star-consuming Vakragha, they reflect and prepare, knowing their chthonic enemy will return. Yet to their surprise, a Confederation pilot lands with a new mission: to recover The Kiss of Life, an ancient artifact capable of reviving the dead.

Through their quest, Asha crashes on an unknown world, discovering a mysterious island that comes to life with villagers and roaring bonfires every night, only to find that any trace of them vanishes each morning. Now facing each day alone, Asha is pushed to rely on her courage and intuition to survive, soon discovering that she’s not the only one searching desperately for the artifact…

THE ISLAND ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER is the 2nd book in the EPIC OF ARAVINDA — a Transcendental, Sci-Fi, action-adventure series. (However, this book does not require you to have read anything else to enjoy this story.)


Written on Hawaii, this story is influenced by the remarkable people of the Big Island, Anapana breathing meditation, and the Ra Material (aka. The Law of One), which is woven from truths that transcend space and time, applying anywhere in any era. Thus, many describe it as “Transcendental Science Fiction.”


     One thing I really enjoyed about this book over the first was that Zahn took a back seat to the story and we really got to know more about Asha. However, I really liked Zahn in the first book but not so much in this one. He seemed like a bit of a brat. He was rash and inconsiderate.

Asha on the other hand really grew as a character in this book. Although, I feel very distant from her and Mira as a reader. This book felt like more introspection than anything. I understand that the books are based on a sense of oneness but I felt like that theme really overtook the story. The actual story felt like it was backseat to the “Law of One” message. This set me back a little on enjoying the tale. I felt like the action of the story was dulled and a bit anti-climatic when it shouldn’t of been.

That’s really a shame because this story has a lot of really awesome elements. The technology is still awesome. The world building continues to impress. We even get an insight into the Vakragha mind. Which, I’ll admit, was a very nice addition to the narrative. I would like to see more of that in the future.

The story is good it just didn’t draw me in like the first did. 

Due to this, I am granting the book 4 stars.

4 star

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The Technical Data:

Title: The Island on the Edge of Forever ( Book 2 ) | Author(s): Andrew M. Crusoe |

Publisher: Aravinda Publishing / Publication Date: 5-25-2015 |Pages: 312 (Print) | ISBN: B00WRO3ZJ0  | Genre(s): Science Fiction |Language:English | Rating: 4 out of 5 |  Date Read: 3-3-2016 |Source: Copy from Author

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